5 reasons why it is useful to add cinnamon to the food

Carol Aguirre, American nutritionist from the Nutrition Connections, says increasingly there is cinnamon, adding it to different dishes and drinks. The specialist told about the beneficial properties of this spice.

5 причин, по которым полезно добавлять корицу в пищу

Strengthens the heart. According to experts, people who add to your diet are cinnamon, reduced cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

“It has been proven that the use of cinnamon reduces the most common risks of cardiovascular disease,” said Carol Aguirre

Reduces inflammation and pain. According to Aguirre, research has shown cinnamon to the high content of flavonoids – substances which have the property to fight inflammation in the body. In addition, the use of cinnamon helps to reduce swelling and muscle pain with intense physical exertion.

Reduces blood sugar levels. Carol Aguirre said that the property of cinnamon to reduce glucose levels in the blood has been repeatedly studied by scientists. In the result, it was found that its use has indeed a positive effect on people who suffer from diabetes.

Helps with problematic menstruation. The use of cinnamon can ease severe condition experienced by some women with painful menstruation.

Protects from bad breath. The expert reported that cinnamon powder, melted in water is a great natural mouthwash.

“Cinnamon has antibacterial effect and studies have shown that this spice improves oral hygiene and can protect against bacteria that cause odor”, — said Aguirre.