5 reasons why stores in the US better than in Russia: the view of the immigrant

America is a country of consumption. It is not surprising that the infrastructure of the local shopping centres, supermarkets and shops are built much better than in Russia. The author of the channel “Travel through” on “Yandex.Zen,” shares his view on what American stores are superior to the Russian.

5 причин, почему магазины в США лучше, чем в России: мнение иммигрантки

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Large packages

When I first came to an American store, I was shocked by the sizes of bottles of soda, bags of chips, packages of toilet paper, detergent, and other various containers. Well, just XXL! And this, I must say, very convenient: no need a few times a week to run to the store for a favorite snack. And packaging of beer in 6, 12 and even 24 thing is just a fairy tale!

Cheaper by the dozen

And the products of mass consumption in the US are much cheaper than us – an effect of the strong economy. But even a low price in American stores can be made even lower, it is only necessary to purchase multiple packs of the same product! We have very good wholesale discounts and deals. Indeed, in this country everything is designed to ensure that consumers would buy even more.


In American stores there is a special staff engaged in product packaging. They stand at the edge of the moving belt, collect your products and lay them on the packages. It is really comfortable when shopped for a few weeks and you have all the ingredients. It’s nice when after payment you can just get full packs! And not to collect purchases at a furious pace to keep the line moving.

Free packages

Since we’re talking about the packers, here is another feature of U.S. stores: free packs! My world literally collapsed when I realized that the packages in the stores can give free. Sellers are not asking whether you need the package, they just give it. Depending on the policy store you will be given either a plastic or paper bag. That is why the Americans, unlike us, don’t keep the package at home with the packages – they just don’t need.

The toilet in the store

I never could understand why in Russian stores still don’t make space for restrooms and public areas. AU, 2020 in the yard! It is time to create a more convenient framework for the human. In the U.S. toilet in the shop is perceived as something self-evident. I even think that not having a restroom in an American institution is illegal. And, of course, all the toilets are free there. I think that to charge people money for “to pee” is a real barbarism.

We have, alas, no toilets, no shops, no subways. Happening…

The original column published in the blog “Travel through” on “Yandex.Zen”

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