5 retailers that offer free shipping during the quarantine

Due to the fact that America is quarantined due to pandemic coronavirus and shops everywhere are closed, some retailers offer free shipping with no minimum purchase amount for a limited time, says MoneyTalksNews.

5 ритейлеров, предлагающих бесплатную доставку во время карантина

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Don’t forget that now many retailers are overwhelmed, so shipping will probably have to wait a bit.


Despite the fact that the H&M stores are closed, you can get free shipping for any product purchased on the website of the seller. The return of the product for a limited time, you too will not take the money.


Company Recreational Equipment Inc., better known as REI, offers from the most generous return Windows. Now it’s also free shipping for most orders, but there are some exceptions. Examine their web site for more details.


Sephora has temporarily closed their shops, but you can get free shipping with any purchase via the Internet, using code FREESHIP. The offer is valid until 3 April.


Staples offers free shipping on every order. The seller asks you to combine your orders so that the network could “meet the needs of the maximum number of customers.” In the majority of outlets available pickup.


Walgreens offers free shipping any purchase made on Walgreens.com until further notice.

In addition, Walgreens and CVS provide free home delivery of many prescription drugs.

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