5 revelations Snjezana grandmother of beloved husband

Birthday of Sergei Babkin, we talked to his wife, Snezhana and learned how the artist sees his most beloved woman.

5 откровений Снежаны Бабкиной о любимом муже

Sergei as the father of our children is very responsible. He’s someone I can rely on in any moment: he will feed and wash and clothe, and play with the children. We have so happened that walks with children he. I can cook or clean. In any situation I can rely on him, and this is very important.

Sergei husband is very reliable. It was very big transformation in these twelve years. And for this I can put him in the center of Kharkov a huge monument (smiles). It is very cool, and if what he really wants, then for him there are no barriers.

Sergei as a musician infinitely varied and crazy. At some point I even think that he’s going to explode because of the frame and the shore is not about him. He’s a real, crazy, creative nature.

Watching other artists, I could not help comparing and I can say unequivocally that these “crazy” in the show business.

Sergey as a man – polar: he’s like fire and water. It may be hot, emotional, impulsive, demanding, sometimes cruel, despotic, like a fire, for example, which can burn very painful. And after 10 minutes it may take the form of water: such a tender, gentle, cold or warm, flowing, enveloping. Seryozha is like water, where it does not fit – can take any form. I think his most important quality is the limitless breadth of soul organization.

Sergey as an actor , is my favorite. I originally fell in love with him as an actor. Because artists with such depth like he does in Ukraine, I can count on fingers. Here the word “type” and “grandma” are two incomparable words to me. He has no facial features, it can be absolutely different and definitely deep. Babkin as an actor – lightning. It seems to me that when he put a problem – it turns on instantly, it immediately does it! That he is such a deep and varied spectral.