5 Russian habits, which the Americans stand on end hair

The author of the blog “Kate from the United States” decided to share his opinion about that, on what the Russian habits of Americans stand on end hair.

5 русских привычек, от которых у американцев встают дыбом волосы

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People think stereotypically. In many situations it facilitates to us the existence and decision-making. Also it stereotyped thinking is formed under the influence of certain circumstances, distinguishes inhabitants of one country from another. The Russians also have their distinctive features that will surprise the Americans.


Great respect in Russia have always enjoyed healers, and still if you feel unwell, many are turning to traditional medicine, if not ignore a disease – the self-will. In spite of widely embedded free medicine to the doctors the Russians mostly come in extreme cases.

Care of a woman

In America the boundaries between male and female duties long ago eroded, and in Russia with the representative of the stronger sex more fixed social role of the family head.

The Russian men continue to open doors for women, to give them a place to apply the coat, helping to dress up, to lend a hand, leaving transport. What is particularly surprising to Americans – the bill for dinner paid by the man. For him it is also a demonstration of reliability and power: he is able to provide the food in the family.

Dirty dishes

In the absence of water and chemical degreasing means washing dishes was difficult and not fast. Cutlery were cleaned once a day. Now many also do not spend time washing dishes after Breakfast, leaving it in the sink until the evening and surprising the foreigners.


Abraham – the notion of truly Russian. People around the world live via the clearly structured charts and schedules, managing the implementation of official duties in the allotted working time.

In Russia, for many years living in agriculture, people used to work hard and fast in a short period of time (4-5 months, while it is necessary to grow crops). After you can live at a relaxed pace, working in accordance with emerging circumstances.

Over the last century was mastered a lot of professions where the functionality easily ordered, but the Russians in most cases continue to operate in emergency mode.


In Russia people even collect unnecessary things: closets and balconies crammed what has not been touched for years, but it may be useful grandchildren. Long years of deficiency have formed the habit of caring for the future: if it is possible to save something today, be sure to do it tomorrow necessary things in the shop may not be.


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