5 scenic national parks of the United States, offering virtual tours

A Park Ranger will take you on a virtual tour of the ancient glacier in Alaska or in a limestone cave in new Mexico, writes to Share of America.

5 живописных национальных парков США, предлагающих виртуальные экскурсии

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The U.S. national Park service in partnership with Google offers a 360-degree review of five national parks in the country, so everyone can appreciate the wild beauty of the American landscape.

1. National Park “Kenickie fjords” in Alaska (pictured above) covers more than 271 thousand acres and has 38 glaciers, each of which is located on the Harding ice field – ice cover in 181 hectares. Streams of melted ice create a natural ecosystem for wild flowers and forests where in warmer months you can walk the visitors.

2. In the national Park “Hawaii volcanoes” are two active volcanoes: Kilauea and Mauna Loa, which is still spewing molten lava. In the Park you can walk along trails and pass through a lava tube.

3. National Park “Carlsbad caverns” in the desert Chihuahuan (state of nm) is interesting because on its territory there are more than 119 caves, and two objects of the Park listed in the National register of historic places. Large and small caves with stalactites and stalagmites were formed as a result of contact with the limestone sulfuric acid.

4. National Park “Bryce Canyon” in Utah is not one giant canyon, and a lot of different grooves and Cup-shaped formations along the great plateau. The largest is Bryce amphitheater, which is filled with hoodoos – spires of erosive rocks, which have a mythological significance for local Indian tribes.

5. Remote national Park, “dry Tortugas” (Florida) is located in the ocean on the area of 26 thousand hectares, which includes seven Islands, such as Bush Ky. Park can be reached only by boat or seaplane. Visitors are greeted by a built in the XIX century Fort Jefferson. In the Park you can enjoy the natural beauty, including the coral reefs and Islands teeming with marine and animal life.

The system is called national parks “the best idea America” due to the preservation of the natural beauty and universal free access. The national Park service manages 62 83 national parks and national monuments of the country.



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