5 secrets to saving from the Americans who should adopt

Americans are very economical people. The desire to reduce their costs turned the U.S. population into a fascinating hobby. Americans daily trying to find food and things cheaper, keep track of sales and promotions. Writes Piterbarg

5 секретов экономии от американцев, которые стоит взять на вооружение

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So, here are five secrets of the economy in the United States, which can adopt each.

1. Ignore cafe

To save money, Americans like to consume food outside the home and prefer to drink coffee at home instead of at a coffee shop. Even the alcoholic beverages many people drink at home and not in bars. Because in American restaurants and cafes decided each time to leave an impressive tip – 10-15 dollars to the waiter or bartender. Many Americans trying to spend less, eat more pasta and cook. They also prefer to take from home to work, Lunches and coffee travel mug.

2. Rent rooms

To keep the house in America is very expensive, and also hangs over many years of the mortgage. In order to make it easier to pay for housing, Americans rent out a room or part of the house. To rent out rooms to foreign students in the United States common. Get a good additional income, which can be obtained without going outside. Some even converted the basement into a Studio apartment, and then rent it. Also, to cut costs, Americans are saving on electricity – be sure to turn off the lights, leaving the room, rarely use air conditioning and when out on business off the auxiliary heating in the house. In the Northern States, many people install ceiling fans – they don’t require a lot of energy and mix the air from room to room, allowing you to save on heating.

3. Take the basket

Arriving at the supermarket, not to gain a lot of goods, Americans take a small basket for the product and not the cart. A huge truck subconsciously want to fill. So many people, going to the store just for essential goods, gain unnecessary products and things. But if in the hands of small basket, then many will not take, in addition, as filling it will become heavier, so the extra you take will not want. Another way to save money – not the sliced and packaged semi-finished products and raw meat and fresh vegetables that are cut up and cooked in the kitchen.

4. Rent recyclables

In U.S. stores installed machines that accept empty bottles and cans. In America there is a system in which paid for the container the money is already included in the cost of goods returned to the buyer, if he takes that empty container for recycling. The Americans do not hesitate to take the bottle – do not even very wealthy people. Americans actively sort waste – the more waste that is transported daily out of the house, the higher charge for its disposal. It is much more profitable to reduce the number of trips to the dumpster, and a long time to save waste. Assorted trash on certain days take free.

5. Looking for discounts

Americans are always waiting for sales, which always make a large trading network. The discounts during these periods can be up to 75%. In the US at a lower price to sell literally everything that is on the shelves, if nearing the end of the expiration date or receive a new collection. Before you go shopping, you can find all promotions, sweepstakes and loyalty programs on the official website of the store. Also a connect notifications about discounts on email or phone. They may be weeks look out for any thing and wait, when it will be an action.

Residents of the United States actively collect discount coupons that you cut out of Newspapers, advertising brochures and print on the websites of the stores. They are patiently waiting for their duration in the supermarket, shop or pharmacy. The benefits of coupons is significant – it allows to save from 50 to 90% of the budget. With their help you can buy goods for practically nothing, and some of them can get even for free. It is known that 70% of Americans use coupons for discounts on goods and services. These coupons are valid in almost all spheres of life: when attending concerts, a hairdresser, a restaurant, to purchase household appliances, plane tickets, food and medicines. Also with their help you can significantly save on the purchase of travel packages, booking hotels, entertainment, and even on trips to the doctor.





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