5 signs on the face that indicates the deficiency of vital substances

Dry skin, cracks in the corners of the mouth or swollen eyes: all this can point to disturbances in the body associated with deficiency of vital substances. This was told by the dermatologist Yael Adler (Germany).

5 признаков на лице, указывающих на дефицит жизненно важных веществ

“Our skin and face traitors. He invariably react to different problems in the body. Glancing in the mirror, you can tell how overworked we are or what we are lacking important vitamins and minerals,” says Dr. Adler.
According to the dermatologist, five signs on the face may indicate a lack of vital substances.

Cracks in the corners of the mouth. The so-called zaedy can occur due to deficiency of zinc, iron or vitamin B12. Such cracks are often inclined vegetarians or vegans, the body is not getting the right amount of meat, fish and dairy products.

Pale skin. When the face is constantly pale, this indicates deficiency of iron. This may be to blame for the rejection of meat, women have a strong monthly bleeding.

Increased dryness of the skin. When the body lacks zinc, vitamins A and E, but especially Biotin (vitamin B7), skin quickly loses moisture, becomes dry and even flaky. Biotin is found in bananas, peanuts, beef liver or oatmeal. Dietary supplements with Biotin are beneficial for hair, says Dr. Yael Adler.

Inflammation, pimples. These skin reactions are due to deficiencies of vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium or zinc. Accordingly, the kind of therapy we need to spend more time in the sun, eating fatty fish, flax seeds, healthy fats.

Sagging facial skin. For skin elasticity it is important to get enough silicon and amino acids. Silicon is contained in potatoes, vegetables, and grains, and amino acids in meat, nuts, oatmeal.