5 sports against early death

Physical activity protects us from premature death that has been proven time and again. But of great importance, and what sports we do.

5 видов спорта против ранней смерти

Run. Researchers from the UK found that running reduces the risk of premature death regardless of the length of the distance and speed. At least one workout a week is better than none. Running has a positive effect on many systems of the body and keeps them health.

Hiking. A great kind of physical activity because it is accessible to everyone. If you get to work by public transport, alight one bus stop earlier and walk at least a kilometer. The same is recommended to do and on the way home. Hiking with a length of 10-15 minutes daily reduces risk of death by 18%.

Swimming. Be sure to buy a subscription to the pool, as the swimming, especially in cold winter days increases the mood. In addition, the bathers is 28% lower risk of early death, and a 41% lower risk of death due to heart attacks and strokes. Swimming also has a positive effect on different aspects in the brain.

Yoga. It is believed that yoga is the brain produces hormones of happiness, which improves mood and generates positive thoughts. In addition, yoga controls the cholesterol levels, body weight and blood pressure. This means that the risk of heart disease and blood vessels is reduced.

Tennis. Experts believe that regular tennis lessons reduce the risk of death by almost 45%. The more time you spend on tennis and badminton, the stronger muscles of the legs and arms, as well as the overall harmony of the body.