5 stages of the coronavirus: the Russian-speaking doctor from the USA told about the reaction of doctors on the COVID-19

“Imagine that you are in the cinema. I’ll show you a short movie where the events through the prism of my brain, displayed on the screen. Because my prism, and shown will be purely subjective, not claiming absolute opinion” — wrote on his page in Facebook the Russian-speaking doctor from the USA Mike Mirer.

5 стадий коронавируса: русскоязычный врач из США рассказал о реакции медиков на COVID-19

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Hereinafter in the first person.

I have become accustomed, now that everything is done in China. Well, done and done guys they are hardworking, ate a bowl of rice and injected, according to the apt definition zhvanetskogo as diesel in the Arctic.

When they began to go in January news from Wuhan, or rather, the news began to arrive early, I first suspected that it might be a serious story, but it was the New year, current Affairs, and, in General, they always there then pork, then bird flu, then something else is purely Chinese, and I did not bother, putting these thoughts away.

In early February, I was walking the dog in Miami (FL), talking on the phone with Alec. Alex is my close friend, the doctor. Once, many years ago, we were preparing to take exams in the United States, where, in fact, made friends. Alex was the smartest of us, and for 30 years I can’t remember Alex ever was wrong. He calmly said, “you Know, this story with the virus made me very upset. I read what they write about him, and all this will end very badly. Look, mortality real, infection is high, there is no cure”.

I said to him, “well, not for the first time. Before that it was SARS, MERS, and it all ended zilch, we have not really reached.”

Alex replied that at this time we will not carry, they say, will see. Saw!

Further events began to develop rapidly, the virus crept into Europe, flashed Italy, followed by Spain. There was a video from China, a dying people on mechanical ventilation devices, the construction of the hospital for a week and other amazing things that I previously had not seen. Here I realized that it smells like kerosene.

And then I saw morgues overflowing morgues, chaos and panic everywhere, bought toilet paper and total fear.

I personally have two and a half months gone through several stages:

  1. 1. Yes, all this nonsense;
  2. What the hell is that?!;
  3. We all fucked!;
  4. Who I am and where I should be to one day not look away, seeing myself in the mirror;
  5. Ahh, is that so? Well, nothing yet wait and see who wins.

From March until the end of April, I worked thirty-one duty for 12 hours.

Although our hospital was not such an influx, as in new York, but I went all the way — from the first until the last infected patient was discharged.

I will always remember the feeling when first time wear protection and go see the patient, not knowing exactly what to you personally is threatened.

The second time easier, the third one was still, work like.

The hardest thing was not anything to rely on. Any of the usual textbook, nor any reliable and proven recommendations. Request the Centers for control and prevention (CDC), and there answer for everything — no data, like in Odessa at a hardware store — kerosene, no, and unknown. Today I read and doing one thing and tomorrow the opposite. Today “Plaquenil” give, tomorrow — no. Who to believe?!

I was surprised by the hospital administration. All — from the Director of the hospital to the physician — turned on high. They also did not have any manuals and instructions. They did everything to ensure the smooth operation of the hospital from the savings of protective equipment, so all had not yet brought up to ban visits and check the temperature at the entrance to the hospital all employees. In addition, all workers in the hospital — free Parking. They struggled all supported and helped as they could. All the hospital management did not go anywhere and all the time have not yet began to improve.

I really had not seen the boss in such critical conditions, and I am pleased that my “ship” was the captain, not parsley.

No, not in vain to pay him the money. This opus about the administration — my personal assessment, that is, in the first person. In this note, they will never read, because in Russian they don’t read, Yes, it is useless.

My son said when it all began: “Dad, until I realized two things. The first is that we are led by idiots. The second is that I really love to touch my face.”

Pandemic as a spotlight in the darkness, highlighted the long overdue problems. Each country has its own peculiarities, and therefore many things will only work there, locally, but there are common problems.

Here are just a few that I wanted to mention:

  • medical science is global, where Latin has long superseded the English language. English is necessary for anyone studying or practicing medicine;
  • recommendations should give the professionals, not clowns. This applies not only to medicine. What I in recent months has seen, heard and read, makes me wonder, do we really need universal literacy;
  • the instantaneous proliferation of information through the Internet mix right and wrong together, turning it into a smelly and well known brown substance, so most people can understand what to believe and what not, without the aid of experts is almost impossible. You need to have special knowledge. If I ever undertake to comment on the device of the turbine, believe me, I haven’t understand. The only thing that can advise — not to believe unconfirmed sources, and along with the conspiracy theorists, do not be mistaken;
  • the richest people will not be able to protect themselves from the virus. Virus no cash, no credit does not accept, he doesn’t care. If the richest people and corporations will not pay for the medicine, one day they will be in clay shards, like a Rajah in a cartoon about the Golden antelope.

And finally, I’m among friends, at least 15 victims, mostly the parents of friends. 9 of my friends, doctors got sick. 6 hurt very seriously, but the victims, fortunately, no.

This pandemic may be the last rehearsal. We have to realize what happened, draw conclusions and to change priorities and in General the whole paradigm.

Just imagine the same pandemic, only the mortality rate is 30 %. I wonder for a minute, deserting everything and then everyone will be for himself, and for a short while.


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