5 symptoms of diseases that should not be ignored

The doctor Alexander Myasnikov identified five symptoms that better not be ignored as they may indicate the development of serious diseases.

5 симптомов болезней, которые не стоит игнорировать

So, constant fatigue may indicate the progression of the disease, including infectious. We are not talking about ordinary fatigue, and abnormal state for an active person, that is, you do not come to normal even after a full weekend or holiday.

If you have persistent heartburn, you should do gastroscopy and a test for Helicobacter pylor bacterium that can cause gastritis, ulcers and, ultimately, cancer.

Leg cramps can indicate a serious disease. 40% we are talking about deficiency of iron or magnesium.

Bowel problems is a reason to see a doctor, especially if they don’t pass even when you change the diet. This may be one of the symptoms of bowel cancer. Prolonged constipation, lack of appetite in relation to your favorite dishes – is also the primary symptoms of bowel cancer.

Change the shape of the nails also can indicate a variety of problems ranging from mold and ending with melanoma.