5 the monthly cost in USA, which can be easily cut

It’s not as difficult as you can imagine, to reduce operating costs and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. This writes the Money Talks News.

5 ежемесячных расходов в США, которые легко можно сократить

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Your expenses and cash outflow can be higher than they should be. In fact, sometimes you can cut them into hundreds of dollars.

1. Phones

Mobile phones have all but tariff plans can be expensive, especially with unlimited Internet usage.

Here’s what to do:

Review your plan and monthly usage. Reduce costs by reducing or deleting data, or services that you don’t use.

Rate the rates of competitors.

Call your operator. Ask about lower rates, specifying how long you were a client, and saying that you will go to a competitor.

Ask if any promotions or special rates for a limited time.

Be prepared to leave their current operator if you don’t get satisfaction with your request.

2. Cable TV

As consumers can forgo cable television in favor of streaming services such as Philo, Hulu, Sling, Amazon Prime and Vudu, cable providers strive to retain customers.

A few tips:

Identify cable companies with lower prices, to gain advantage in the negotiations.

If you have successfully negotiated a more favorable rate, review your monthly statements to make sure that the provider of cable television services really did it.

3. Credit card

If you have a high interest rate on your credit card, your minimum monthly payments will greatly reduce your overall balance.

However, companies-credit card issuers can work with you to reduce your minimum payments, interest rate and even total debt.

Start looking at all of your accounts. Decide what monthly payment you can realistically reduce.

Depending on the size of the debt you may need a reliable credit counselor. These people provide advice, identify options and help protect your credit. Two non-profit organizations, the national Foundation for counseling on loans and Advice on consumer credits, offer services focused on the consumer.

4. Car insurance

Find out what level of insurance coverage you want, depending on where you live, including the requirements about the coverage of bodily injury and material damage.

If your contributions equal to 10% or more of the value of the vehicle, payment of this insurance may not be worth it. Try to ignore some aspects of insurance.

Think about how to pay for “car insurance per mile”, that is based on how much you drive.

Once you have chosen the insurer, continue to compare offers from other companies, at least once in two years, maybe you’ll find something more profitable.

5. Medical bills

Even if you have medical insurance, your medical bills may be too big. If so:

Learn how to negotiate reduction of medical bills.

Ask about reduction of your unpaid balance or on payment plan without interest.

Make offer, for example: “Suppose I give you half of the amount that I have, but today?”

Make sure that you have the fair interest rate.