5 things that annoy in Los Angeles: the view of Russian-speaking immigrants

“The main advantage of US can be formulated as: for all people. But some aspects of typical American life really annoy me,” writes the author of the blog “Queen in the USA” on “Yandex.Zen”.

5 вещей, которые раздражают в Лос-Анджелесе: мнение русскоязычной иммигрантки

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Hereinafter in the first person.

1. Undeveloped public transport and the abundance of cars

The life of a pedestrian heavy and clumsy. The metro is very selectively covers areas of the County, the intervals between trains are huge, and buses simply have a weak network. And the prices are not cheap. A dubious pleasure.

2. Parks

The vegetation here is more diverse than in Russia, but much less abundant. Apparently, this makes the Americans call the Park any place the meter on with three trees and a baseball area. These large, lush parks in the County on the fingers, and there, as a rule, paid.

3. Architecture

The entire Los Angeles- a squat building of hangar type plus residential complexes, similar to the low-rise dorms. And only the private sector in affluent neighborhoods can boast of the sophistication of the buildings. But they are hidden from the eyes of the townsfolk fences and bushes.

4. Measures of calculation

The feeling that one day the Americans decided: let’s do like in Europe, only in reverse. Meters, and kilometers, grams and kilograms, liters, Celsius, a button to drain the water in the toilet, heck the old and new model on the Windows, a 24-hour time format, sockets for plugs with round pins and the standard 220 Volts — get it all in the Old world.

5. Shower

Shower in all homes then screwed to the wall. Need to squirm like a snake to you poured water in all the right places. Wash the bathtub, when the water flows from the wall at one point, is quite the task. And everything else is often impossible to change the water pressure. The mixer operates only on the change degree. But if you want hot water a thin stream, then privates from the kettle.



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