5 typical American problems, incomprehensible to our tourists and immigrants

In Russia we do not face such difficulties and do not even think that these situations can create difficulties in life. US citizens live with them every day and have become accustomed to, but me personally, after I was in the States, it all seems very strange, writes Tikhon Smirnov on “Yandex.Zen”.

5 типично американских проблем, непонятных нашим туристам и иммигрантам

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1. Saying the price at the checkout

In my pocket is $5, written on the price tag — $4,50, and you don’t know, you have enough money to buy or not. Absurd situations.

In the US sales tax is added during the final calculation at the checkout and not include it in the price, as is the case with us. Moreover, in every state, this tax is different. It is not roundabout angry because of incorrect price tags, there always will be more expensive than see. The only question is how expensive.

2. Censorship

In the news every day shows the cruelty, the violence, the police chase after the bandits. Videos young stars foul language, insult others ‘ mothers and boast of how cleverly they violate the laws.

This are fine but God forbid someone “light up” the nipple — then the public will literally peck. Can pounce with teachings for even an innocent photo of your child in social networks. America is a Puritan country, such scenes are unacceptable.

Or a weird rule to say: “the word” N “word F”. All perfectly understand, what you want to say, why this hypocrisy? It is a kind of censorship.

3. Cunning insurance

Of dental services in the United States are, like the wing of the aircraft. In order to use them, you must have insurance, but often it only covers a narrow list of the most needed services.

For example, had the seal. The dentist says he needs to do “deep cleaning” before installing the new. Price cleaning $1000 and the insurance refuses to pay for it.

Can you give the money out of your pocket, but you can go with the hole until the tooth begins to ache or a tooth decay. Then it becomes dangerous and treatment will be compensated.

4. Tips for each

This is a national American pastime to hand out tips to all and Sundry. The taxi driver, plumber, bartender — everyone expects that you will give him some money. If you forget to do this, then people may consider you rude miser.

The peculiarity is that it is very hard to understand who and how much money you should pay. For this particular person correct 10% or 15%? Or in what situations you expect these tips, and in which they are inappropriate?

In Russia, tipping is a rarity and people are confused when receive from customer more money for their work.

5. Strollers to move

Sorry, but how can you launch yourself to move solely on electric wheelchairs? This is a good solution for people who have health problems, but I’m talking about a situation where strollers are comrades with excess weight.

Instead to start to move more and fight with the kilos, they sit on these scooters and finally cease to move. To go to a pushchair store to buy some more junk food is beyond comprehension.

The original column published in the blog Tikhon Smirnova on “Yandex.Zen”.

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