5 unusual ways to increase hemoglobin without drugs

Hemoglobin level is an important indicator of the functioning of the body. Reduced hemoglobin is a weakness, the lack of nourishment of body cells. And this inevitably affects the appearance, hair fall, exfoliate nails, the person gets tired quickly, often headache, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath. Experts recommend be sure to check the level of this index every year and be sure to eat foods rich in iron.

5 необычных способов повысить гемоглобин без лекарств

Naturopaths have shared with the editors Magicforum five remedies to increase hemoglobin, which few people know.

Green buckwheat. This cereal also called “live” — it is not subjected to heat treatment. Green buckwheat contains the daily requirement of iron needed by the person. For greater use, experts recommend buckwheat to germinate and add it e.g. to a smoothie.

Cannabis seeds. Hemp is rich in protein which has all the essential amino acids. Hemp seeds, in contrast to leaves and inflorescences, do not have a narcotic action. Hemp seed get nutritional and medicinal hemp oil. In addition to increasing the hemoglobin, the regular consumption of seeds prevents the development of cancer, prevents the development of diseases of the liver and biliary tract.

Dried nettle. Nettles is a folk healer, so a high range of its application. The plant is well cleanses the blood and increases hemoglobin. Experts recommend taking ground into powder nettle teaspoon with water, but not brewing it with boiling water.

Perha. Few people know about the beneficial properties of this “bee bread.” It increases the immunity, accelerates the process of renewal of the blood and improves metabolism. To raise the hemoglobin experts recommend to eat 2-3 pellets 2 times a day.

Specialists also suggest for low hemoglobin to carry out anti-parasitic cleansing of the body, as it is often the presence of parasites can cause a decrease in iron levels in the blood.