5 ways to avoid cancer — tips oncologist

Why is there cancer? The answer to this question can not give neither the doctors nor scientists. From dozens of hypotheses, one thing is clear — something is happening during cell division, and the human body begins to move in an unfavorable direction damage genes. In fact, what is the cause of cancer, and made us superior beings — the complexity and variability of the genome. However, it is proved that if you keep the right lifestyle, you can significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

5 способов не заболеть раком — советы онколога

Oncologist, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Nikolay Zhukov, says what needs to be done to minimize the risk of cancer.

“The people leading a healthy lifestyle, cancer risk is many times lower! Definitely makes sense to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Of course, without extremes”. says Professor Zhukov.

Stay away from hazardous industries

Try not to work and not to live next to chemical plants, hazardous industries. Even downloaded the highway is a potential source of carcinogens.

Immunized and vigilance

The oncologist advised to be vaccinated against hepatitis b and human papillomavirus. It is also important to be vigilant and try not to get hepatitis C which is transmitted through blood and sexually.

Smoking and alcohol

This is the strongest toxicity to our body. If we abandon the bad habits, the body will be easier to resist and resist.

Proper nutrition

It is proven that foods rich in fiber, nourish beneficial microflora, and help our immunity and protect against cancer of the gastrointestinal tract. These foods include: vegetables, fruits, legumes.

Follow the regime of work and rest

Day need to work actively and move a lot, and at night — hard to sleep. It is important to stay awake until midnight to mess up the circadian rhythms.