5 websites that will save you up to 90% on prescription drugs

Here’s how you can reduce the price of prescription drugs up to 90% with a few clicks.

5 сайтов, которые помогут сэкономить до 90% на лекарствах по рецепту

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Think about the price of drugs: you don’t book a flight until you compare prices at several airlines? So why settle for purchasing prescription drugs for a lot of money, asks MoneyTalksNews.

As in the case of flights, to compare buying drugs can. Here are a few sites, some of which are also duplicated mobile applications is one of the best online locations for saving money on prescription drugs.

1. PharmacyChecker

PharmacyChecker claims that can help you save up to 90% on medications prescription.

On the web site listed prices for drugs in Internet drugstores in the United States and abroad. To find the best price on a particular drug, prescription, enter the name in the search box on the home page, PharmacyChecker, and then click “Find lowest price”.

PharmacyChecker has also established a verification program for Internet pharmacies. To view the ratings of the pharmacies, click on their profile — the letter “i” after the search for a cure.

2. GoodRx

If this bright yellow site will not attract your attention, the opportunity to save money will definitely come in handy. GoodRx says that his average client saves $ 276 per year on prescription drugs. How do they do it? GoodRx collects and allows you to compare prices from more than 70,000 pharmacies in the United States.

All you need to do is enter the drug name in the search bar on the home page of GoodRx and click “Find lowest price”. Then, GoodRx will show you prices for this drug in different pharmacies and, in the case of some pharmacies that will generate a coupon for use in the recipe.

To see prices in certain pharmacies in your area, click the “Set your location” and enter your zip code.

3. Blink Health

Blink Health negotiates prices with certain pharmacy chains, and then reports how much it will cost your prescription filled in these pharmacies, if you buy it through the website Blink Health.

As the company explains in a recent blog post:

“We eliminate intermediaries and offer group discounts directly to individuals. We work directly with manufacturers and pharmacies to negotiate lower prices and pass these lower prices to our customers.”

Coupon is required — just go to the pharmacy to pick up medication and pay for it online or send it to your house.

To find a cure, visit Blink Health, enter the name of the medication in the search box and click. You can choose the dosage form, e.g. capsules or tablets — as well as the number and dosage of active substance that you need. Then select the drugstore and go to checkout. You will receive a confirmation of purchase to pick up at the pharmacy.

4. WeRx

Like Blink Health and GoodRx, WeRx provides a list of local pharmacies and their prices. But an optional feature allows users to report the amount they paid for specific medication.

To view all options, enter your medication and your zip code on the home page WeRx and click “Search”. From there you can choose the dosage form, strength and quantity that you need. Map of pharmacies near you will be displayed on the side, so you can see which pharmacy is most convenient and accessible.

5. Trading platform gift cards

Trading platforms such as Raise.com sell gift cards for less than their nominal value. For example, you can buy a gift card worth $ 50 for $ 40. In essence, this means that buying gift cards at a discount gives you free money. Gift cards at a discount can be purchased in many popular pharmacy chains such as CVS.




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