5 websites with surveys that will pay money for your opinion

You can earn extra money by participating in online surveys. But some sites are better than others suitable for this purpose. This writes the Money Talks News.

5 сайтов с опросами, которые заплатят деньги за ваше мнение

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On these sites you can win real money, having polls about all sorts of things from politics to brands and personal preferences in exchange for points that can be redeemed for various rewards.

Here is a list of sites for surveys that bring a little more money than their rivals.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks gives you “SB points” for completing surveys. You can also earn SB points for completing other online tasks.

The website boasts “many different types of online surveys”, such as:

  • Surveys of advertising effectiveness
  • Surveys on brand recognition
  • The related attractiveness of the product
  • Reviews about the services

Swagbucks says that you can expect to receive from 40 to 200 points SB as payment for the survey, “with much higher earning potential”. Unlike other sites surveys, Swagbucks will even give you bonus if you do not have the right to participate in a survey.

You can use SB for different types of gift cards or cash out through PayPal. SB one hundred points is worth $1, so check the score before filling out a survey to make sure it is worth your time.

2. PointClub

PointClub also gives you points for answering surveys. The average survey is worth anywhere from 200 to 2,000 points. The website really clear how many points you Georgievich for any survey that you have selected.

You also earn points just for registering and providing certain information about yourself.

Points can be redeemed for gift cards or cash. Each point is worth $0,001, so 1000 points is worth $1.

3. VIP Voice

VIP Voice is part of the research firm The NPD Group, which serves companies in various industries from cosmetics and Homeware to technology and video games.

VIP Voice the number of points that you earn for participating in surveys, depends on your current level of remuneration and the number of surveys you completed for the top apps that pay you for data collection.

Each earned point is worth to participate in the lottery or a bet at the auction. VIP Voice refers to vacations, electronics and gift cards as examples of the types of prizes that you can win that way. Unlike paid survey if you are lucky you can earn a lot more.

4. SurveyPolice

SurveyPolice is a great web site dedicated to providing information about online surveys. Pinecone Research has named it a leading online panel surveys of 2017, acknowledging his “consistent” and having “the reputation of A + for many years.”

The points you earn Pinecone Research, it is possible to redeem for cash or prizes, which you “buy” on the website rewards Pinecone Research.

5. OneOpinion

SurveyPolice called OneOpinion the best site online surveys 2018, recognizing his “consistent” and providing “quality customer service”. OneOpinion indicates a toll-free number on your home page and informs that the company can be contacted “anytime”.

The points you earn OneOpinion, you can redeem for gift cards or cash.

Don’t expect that you’ll be rich

Because to get people to answer simple questions is easy, for completing the surveys don’t usually pay too much. Also, sometimes you answer initial questions, and then find that do not come to participate in this survey and will not pay you.

Example: the company wants to know how to buy women aged 25 to 40 years who have never had a dog. To test this audience, the survey asks a random group of people by gender, age and the presence of their dogs. But only respondents that match your desired audience can continue to participate in the survey.

Your experience and your earned money will differ depending on who you are and what characteristics looking for the creators of the survey. To increase your chances to get rewards from the sites surveys, sign up on multiple sites and treat them as work.


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