50 civilians were killed and over a hundred were injured in the explosion at the hospital and erroneous airstrike in Afghanistan (PHOTO)

At least 20 people were killed and 95 were wounded after the militants of the terrorist group “Taliban”* blew up a car Packed with explosives in the administrative center of Zabul province in southern Afghanistan.

As reported by Reuters, the explosion occurred near the Central hospital of the settlement of Kalat. However, as said the representative of the defense Ministry of Afghanistan, a likely target of the militants was not a training base of the National Agency of security (NDS). It is noted that the NDS office is just opposite the hospital.

The official also added that the terrorists used a very powerful explosive device. This is confirmed by the fact that its transporting fighters had to use the truck. The number of victims can increase, as rescuers continue to search the wreckage. TV channel Tolo News reported that the responsibility for the attack was claimed by radical grouping “the Taliban”*.

According to the Agency “Xinhua” with reference to the representative of the Governor of the province of Gulielma of Siala, all victims – civilians, patients and doctors. The wounded were sent to private clinics due to the fact that the hospital was damaged in the explosion.

In addition, according to TASS, the attack from the air was subjected settlements Nangarhar province. Injured 45 people from among the civilians, at least 30 were killed. According to Reuters, the Afghan air force conducted an operation to destroy the objects of militants in the evening of 18 September, however, hit the local farmers who were on a peanut field in the affected area in Nangarhar province. The defense Ministry in Kabul confirmed the attack but declined to immediately provide details. Representatives of the U.S. armed forces, was unavailable for comment

17 Sep 24 people were killed and 31 were injured as a result of the blast in the Afghan province of Parwan, near the site of an election meeting Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. Before this radical grouping “the Taliban”* urged the Afghans not to go to the presidential elections of 28 September and related events, as they can become the target of the attack traffic. The special representative of the UN Secretary-General expressed concern that the goal of the attacks might be civilians participating in the elections.

*The Taliban (the Taliban) – the group recognized as the decision of the Supreme court dated 14 February 2003 as a terrorist organization. Its activity in Russia is prohibited.