50% of the tablets are dangerous for the health of the intestine

Half of all common tablets and adversely affect the health of our intestines. The study showed that steroids, antibiotics, and antidepressants can cause changes in intestinal bacteria linked to obesity and infections.

50% таблеток опасны для здоровья кишечника

Common medications like antibiotics and antidepressants negatively affect our gut. The researchers found that certain drugs lead to changes in intestinal bacteria, which increases the risk of infections of the gastrointestinal tract and even obesity. Moreover, 8 different categories of drugs increase the risk of antibiotic resistance, as shown by the observations of scientists from the universities of Groningen and Maastricht in the Netherlands. Their findings confirm the fact that certain drugs can indeed have side effects like weight gain.

The intestinal microbiome is the population of bacteria living in our gastrointestinal system that has at least 1,000 different species. Previously, scientists have assumed that changes in the intestinal microbiota can lead to certain diseases, including diabetes, liver disease and also obesity. The authors of this study carefully studied 2 000 stool specimens taken from healthy people and from those who had any inflammatory bowel disease. Among other things, compared the intestines of those who regularly take drugs and those who do not.

It turned out that the 18 and 41 common drug significantly affect the intestinal microbiome. 4 categories of drugs had the greatest negative impact. Among them proton pump inhibitors to combat indigestion, laxatives, antibiotics, and medication for the treatment of type II diabetes Metformin.