50-year-old millionaire showed the twerk in the ladies swimsuit and heels


50-летний миллионер показал тверк в женском купальнике и на каблуках

52-year-old izvestny businessman and millionaire from Italy, Gianluca Vacca, decided to surprise subscribers with an unusual and hot video. To put it mildly, it is more than possible — the man was a true sensation.

In the video, Gianluca dressed in women’s clothes and, with his skirt, also demonstrates women’s Thong on his fifth point. The Vacca is located on the beautiful rooftop, which offers stunning views of Italian landscapes. Businessman wearing heels, and we have to admit, pretty good ispolnaet dance “the twerk”. Also, it should be noted that despite his age, Gianluca is just a gorgeous shape.

In the video, except for the men, is present and another girl Vacca — Sharon Fonseca, a native of Venezuela. Also in the video you can see friends of the couple.

“In life we can be and to do what I want and I want! Just smile and enjoy life” — such beautiful words signed publishing to Instagram Italian millionaire.

Most recently, precisely August 5, Gianluca khaki celebrated its 52nd birthday. The man known and has such a wide audience not only thanks to achievements in business, but also due to the fact that it is a lot of time on your health and appearance — rugalmas visits the gym and salons, and then pleases fans of his, and the truth, flawless body covered with many tattoos.

And a little about the sad: 2 years ago, namely in August 2017, it became known that Gianluca khaki on the ears are mired in debt. One of the banks of Italy under the name “BPM” arrested his property. The problem was that nine years earlier, in 2008, Gianluca took in this Bank the 10.5-millionby credit, Returned the man is not even half, but only 4 million euros. Even then, not in a hurry to repay the loan balance.

We wish Gianluca khaki and continue to enjoy life and to please their fans with new exciting videos.

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