51-year-old Julia Roberts was impressed by her figure

Appeared recently in Network new photos Julia has Robertsdigital a strong impression on fans of the singer. The fact that the 51-year-old actress appeared at a charity Polo match at the equestrian in a suit who just could not recall her outfit nearly 30 years ago.

51-летняя Джулия Робертс впечатлила своей фигурой

We are talking about her black and white jumpsuit with polka dots from Michael Kors, who unwittingly inspired by memories of the famous polka dot dress, which appeared in “Pretty woman” heroine Roberts in the distant 1990. But most of all, fans of the actress, comparing your new picture with footage from old movies, was struck by the fact that flying since that time the figure of Julia has remained virtually the same slim.

Actress, happy mother of three children, he never allowed himself to blossom. But until last year she, by her own admission, she wore dresses two sizes larger. However, shooting in the series “Return home” made her lose weight. And since then, it easily holds its shape. “Everything happened naturally and did not require from me any additional efforts. This is called “dynamic weight loss”: during the filming I moved a lot and have spent so much nervous energy, the pounds went away by themselves…” the actress said during your interview

Julia often says in interviews “Pretty woman” that made her a star overnight. As said the actress, at the time when it adopted the role, she couldn’t believe his luck. After all, except to play the same character claimed 7 more Actresses. “When everything is just beginning, all depends not so much on talent as luck. And the question is how you will be able to enjoy the gift if you get it!” — honestly Roberts. However, as noted by the actress, though at the time, “Beauty is simple stunning success, and now, according to Roberts, this again would have been impossible – too much during this time, people have changed everything around.