56-year-old resident of South Carolina died after being attacked by alligator

May 1 in South Carolina after the attack of an alligator killed a woman, reports the New York Post.

56-летняя жительница Южной Каролины погибла после нападения аллигатора

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58-year-old Cynthia Covert died after about 17:00 alligator attacked her in a pond on Kiawah island, beach and Golf resort on the Atlantic coast.

Local Sheriff’s Deputy witnessed the attack and shot the alligator.

56-летняя жительница Южной Каролины погибла после нападения аллигатора

Photo: screenshot twitter.com/ChasCoSheriff

As CNN reports, the woman killed in the incident, was identified by coroner’s office Charleston County Cynthia Covert from Johns island, South Carolina.

The mayor of the island of Kiawah Craig weaver called death Covert “terrible tragedy”.

“We live in close contact with nature on this island. The gators became the cause of death is extremely rare and it’s never happened on our island, as far as I know, ‘ said the weaver, in his statement on 3 may. — We know that we must act responsibly and carefully in respect of these animals. Therefore, it will be important to know and share with the community the facts and circumstances of this tragedy, so we can avoid a repetition of anything like that.”

According to local press reports, attacks by alligators in South Carolina is rare. The first recorded deadly attack took place in 2016, then killed a 90 year old woman. The newspaper reports that in 2018, the reptile killed another woman.

According to weaver, the County Sheriff’s office Charleston office of coroner County Charleston and the Department of natural resources South Carolina are investigating the incident.