56-year-old young mother, Brigitte Nielsen walks in a revealing dress with one-year-old daughter

The star of the 1980s was seen walking with his year-old daughter Frieda. Family output Brigitte Nielsen chose Frank total-black.

56-летняя молодая мать Бригитта Нильсен гуляет в откровенном наряде с годовалой дочкой

Two years ago, the 54-year-old actress and her husband Mattia Dessi born daughter. Now our daughter is 15 months and she is having fun in the company of parents and dogs.

Baby looks wonderful in a blue shirt with clouds and pink panties. Not looking at the parents, she, smiling, running towards adventure.

Brigitte Nielsen showed the cleavage, wearing a simple black top straps and corduroy pants with print.

For Nielsen this is the fifth child. She has four adult sons from a previous relationship and little Frieda became the first girl in the large family of the actress.

Despite the fact that Brigitta older Mattia for 15 years, they are happy and do not pay attention to someone else’s opinion.