56:0: Brazil played the second highest scoring match in the history of football (photo, video)

56:0: в Бразилии сыгран второй самый результативный матч в истории футбола (фото, видео)

Brazil hosted one of the most successful games in the history of football. Women’s team “Flamengo” in the championship match of the state of Rio de Janeiro defeated the “Gramigna” — 56:0. Suffice it to say that by the 15th minute the home side led with a score of 12:0, and the first half ended with the advantage of Flamengo in 29 goals. The most productive player of the match was forward Flavia, hit the gate rivals 14 times.

56:0: в Бразилии сыгран второй самый результативный матч в истории футбола (фото, видео)

Striker “Flamengo” Flavia 14 times struck gate of rivals

This result was the second largest in history. Officially the most rich in goals is the match of the championship of Madagascar in 2002 between the clubs “ADEM” and “Stade Olympique l Amin” (149:0). Only here the thing is that in that match, losing team… especially scoring own goals in protest against the decision of the arbitrator.

The fact that in the previous meeting the arbitrator before the final whistle put the gate in the “Stade Olympique l Emin” controversial penalty, after which the team lost chances of gold. Coach “ESR” was so outraged by the judge’s decision that in the next game decided to hold a kind of protest. He instructed the players to score an own goal for 90 minutes. After the final whistle of referee fixed the score of 149:0. This result is included in the Guinness Book of records.

If we turn back to “normal” matches, the previous most effective was the meeting of the Scottish Cup of 1885, when” “Arbroath defeated Bon accord” with a score of 36:0. 18-year-old John Petrie in that match scored 13 goals.

In games involving national teams, the world record belongs to the Australian team, which in qualifying for the 2002 FIFA world Cup team smashed American Samoa 31:0 (Archie Thompson scored 13 times).


Photo of FC Flamengo

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