5G and coronavirus: a new conspiracy theory causes panic and looting

As the coronavirus covers the world, so rumors spread about what caused it. Now the network popular theory that is to blame 5G. But radio waves can not create a virus which causes COVID-19. This writes CNet.

5G и коронавирус: новая теория заговора вызывает панику и мародерство

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But that hasn’t stopped threats against the engineers broadband connection and arson phone towers in the UK, prompting British operators to ask people to stop burning towers, and the national medical Director of the UK called the conspiracy theory 5G “complete nonsense”. Communication networks are crucial in the fight against the pandemic.

A conspiracy theory spread in social networks, when Keri Hilson, American singer with 4.2 million followers on Twitter, wrote in March a few tweets, which attempted to link the coronavirus with 5G. She wrote: “People tried to warn us about 5G for many years. 5G was launched in China November 1, 2019, and people began to die.”

In early April, actor woody Harrelson is the latest celebrity who mistakenly tied 5G with coronavirus. He shared the article in a post in Instagram, which States that, although he did not “fully checked” the rumours linking 5G with the pandemic sweeping the world, he finds this theory very interesting.

Other users of YouTube and Facebook, including a Facebook group against the 5G, also shared about the allegations. But on Tuesday, YouTube announced that it will remove videos that are talking about 5G as the causative agent of the pandemic.

“We strive to provide timely and useful information during this critical time, including the increase in authoritative content, reducing the spread of malicious misinformation and displaying dashboards, using data from the NHS and the who, to help combat misinformation, the statement says YouTube. Now any content that disputes the existence or transfer of COVID-19, as described by the who and local health authorities, is a violation of YouTube’s policy. This includes conspiracy theories, which claim that the disease is caused 5G”.

Facebook also said that it removes posts that link 5G with coronavirus.

“We are taking active steps to stop the spread of misinformation and harmful content on our platforms and to provide people with accurate information about the coronavirus, — stated in the message of the company. — In accordance with our current policy of struggle with harmful disinformation we start to eliminate all the false statements that link technology COVID-19 5G technology”.

In March, a Facebook user named Ben Maki tied 5G with coronavirus, stating that the virus does not exist.

“They try to scare you about virus, when the world built the tower 5G” he said. He also said that Microsoft co-founder bill gates invented this technology and that it is an attempt to depopulate the world. Maki also said that the vaccine developed to combat the coronavirus, are actually chips that will be implanted in people.

These claims were refuted by the British fact-checking FullFact and other experts.

“This story is about 5G from a scientific point of view is not credible and, like other such misinformation can divert attention from the epidemic COVID-19,” said Dr. Jonathan Samet, Dean of the Colorado school of public health.

Brendan Carr, an employee at the Federal communications Commission, said on Twitter that COVID-19 caused by a virus that spreads from person to person, not by radio waves, and he reiterated that the Office of the food and drug administration and the Agency for environmental protection argue that 5G safe.

5G is a new ultra-fast wireless technology that is distributed worldwide. In the US large cities have a 5G network. 5G is also in several other countries, such as China, South Korea, Germany and the UK. The technology is designed to change our way of life, and it is expected that it will fuel everything from cars with the autopilot to advanced impressions of augmented reality.

5G and health problems?

Since then, the company first started talking about the 5G, some people expressed concerns about the impact of technology on health. One version of the 5G, called millimeter wave, works on high frequency radio waves. These signals cannot propagate over large distances, so the tower should be placed close to each other and installed in more places. This has increased fears that radio waves can cause harmful radiation that can cause brain cancer, reduced fertility, headaches and other diseases.

The FDA and FCC say there’s nothing to worry about, because research has not found a connection between the radio frequency signals from cell phones or cell towers and diseases. But since 5G is new, there is no accurate way of knowing whether it will cause long-term health problems.

We can say that the 5G does not cause and does not spread the virus.

“It’s a ridiculous theory, said John Bucher, a senior researcher at the National toxicology program, an interagency program of health and social services on testing and evaluation of substances in our environment. — Every year you have new strain of flu that goes around. That’s what viruses mutate and move so probably as long as there is life.”

Coronavirus is a type of virus that passes from person to person. He does not travel over radio waves. You can’t get it from using the phone or watching TV — if only the phone itself or the remote is not contaminated with coronavirus. This new coronavirus belongs to the family Coronaviridae. It looks like a toothed ring, when viewed under an electron microscope, and named in honor of spikes that form a halo or “crown” around its viral envelope.

Theory about the connection 5G and coronavirus applies to one aspect: COVID-19 came from China because that is where most network towers 5G.

“Apparently, there is no doubt that animals are a source of coronavirus, according to experts such as the world health organization and the Centers for disease control,” says CTIA, the industry trade Association for wireless communications.

This is not the first case when 5G becomes the target of conspiracy theories. RT America, which is funded by the Russian government, a year ago published a report entitled “5G Wireless: a dangerous experiment on humanity”, which tried to put the fear of technology.

What scientists say

But scientists say that the idea of the connection between Covid-19 and 5G is “complete nonsense” and biologically impossible, writes the BBC.

Conspiracy theory was named “the worst kind of fake news,” the medical Director of NHS England Stephen Powys.

Many of those who subscribes to the idea of conspiracy theories, that 5G — which is used in mobile communication networks and uses the signals transmitted by the radio waves — one way or another responsible for the hysteria around coronavirus.

The theory was divided into 2 parts, one claims that 5G can suppress the immune system, making people more susceptible to infection with the virus, the other suggests that the virus may in some way be transmitted with the use of technology 5G.

“The idea that 5G reduces your immune system, does not hold water, says Dr Simon Clarke, associate Professor in cellular Microbiology at the University of reading. — Your immune system can be weakened by all sorts of things — fatigue or improper diet. These fluctuations are small, but can make you more susceptible to viruses”.

Although a very strong radio waves can cause heating, 5G not strong enough to heat so much that it had any significant effect.

“Radio waves can disrupt your physiology, because they heat you, which means that your immune system can not function. But the energy levels of the 5G radio waves is tiny, and they are not strong enough to affect the immune system,” says Dr. Clark.

Radio waves used in 5G and other technologies mobile phones are at the low frequency end of the electromagnetic spectrum. Less powerful than visible light, they are not strong enough to damage cells in contrast to radiation at a higher frequency end of the spectrum, which includes the sun’s rays and medical x-rays.

Adam Finn, Professor of paediatrics at the University of Bristol, adds that 5G won’t be able to transmit the virus.

“The current epidemic is caused by virus that is transmitted from one infected person to another. We know this to be true. We even have virus growing in our lab, obtained from a sick person. Viruses and electromagnetic waves, which emanate from mobile phones and Internet connections are two different things. Like chalk and cheese,” he says.

It is also important to note another serious flaw of conspiracy theories — coronavirus is spreading in cities in the UK, where they have not deployed 5G, and in countries such as Iran, that have not yet implemented this technology.

Earlier this year long study conducted by the International Commission on protection against non-ionizing radiation (ICNIRP) has denied these allegations, stating that there is no evidence that mobile networks cause cancer or other diseases.

But what if the misinformation seems to have worsened. The Department of digital technologies, culture, media and sport confirmed that “there is absolutely no reliable evidence to this end.”

Viruses penetrate into cells of humans or animals and use them for reproduction, causing infection. Viruses can’t live very long outside of a living creature, so they are “looking for the next victim”- usually through droplets of fluid from cough or sneeze.

Sequencing of the genome of the coronavirus suggests that it jumped from animals to humans and then began to move from person to person.


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