6 “killer” immune system in our daily life

Want to have good health, avoid immune “killers” that lurk in everyday life. These include improper diet, poor sleep, stress, cold feet and other factors.

6 «убийц» иммунной системы в нашей повседневной жизни

According to doctors, the body’s immune system never sleeps: she’s always busy warding off bacteria and viruses, thereby minimizing the likelihood of suffering from a disease. However, in everyday life there are real “killer” of the immune system that inhibit its function and threaten us many illnesses, including the most dangerous.

Unhealthy diet. French fries, chips, chocolate — if we eat too many of them, the body begins to lack important nutrients. In the result, the underlying processes, including the immune system can no longer be optimal, and the person becomes more susceptible to viruses and bacteria.

Researchers from the University of Bonn confirmed this in the study. Their data suggests that the immune system reacts to food high in fat and calories as well as bacterial infection. This reaction can, in turn, have dramatic consequences: for example, to dramatically accelerate the development of vascular diseases or type 2 diabetes.

Cold feet. No wonder a proverb says that the legs need to keep warm. Our body registers on the cooling of the feet: it tries to defend itself against further heat loss, which constricts all the blood vessels. This means that the important to protect the body’s mucous membranes begin poorly supplied with blood. Through the cold and dry mucous membranes of the pathogenic viruses easily penetrate into the body.

The lack of sleep. Sleep is a period of hard work of body recovery: it releases a lot of substances that enhance the body’s defenses. To have good health, you need to sleep enough. The fact that the body of people with constant lack of sleep has a decreased ability to form antibodies, which are important for immune defense, has been repeatedly confirmed by research.

“In order for the body fight infectious agents as best as possible, you need to sleep about 8 hours a day. With less than 6 hours of sleep, our health can suffer significantly in the long term”, experts stress.

Smoking. Especially dangerous to the immune system is the fact that Smoking damages the cilia in the bronchi, which take over the function of collecting “trash” in our lungs. These fine hairs waves carry all polluting components and pathogens out. In smokers, these cilia atrophy.

Smoking leads to increase in healing period and increase the severity of the disease in the case of colds, even if it is passive, say scientists.

Stress. Of course, in everyday life, stress can not be avoided, but the important thing to stress is not passed in the chronic phase. Many studies have shown that prolonged stress affects the body’s defense against pathogens: killer cells contained in the blood, and protects us against viruses, bacteria and fungi become inactive, and the number of immune cells decreases. As a result, susceptibility to disease increases dramatically. According to scientists, people who are in a state of constant stress, even vaccinations are worse than others.

Alcohol. Alcohol reduces not only the threshold of braking, but also our immune defense. For example, scientists from the University Loyala in Chicago found that in the body a few hours after consuming alcohol becomes less of monocytes (immune cells) and natural killer cells. This leads to the fact that the body worse reflects the impact of viruses of the same influenza, and already existing disease worse.