6 people suspected of possession of semi-automatic weapons (PHOTO)

6 человек подозреваются в хранении полуавтоматического оружия  (ФОТО)

Six suspects, including three teenagers charged in connection with the fact that their house in Oakwood-Vaughan was found semi-automatic rifle.

Police said that on Friday around 17:30 in the building near the Rogers Road and Oakwood Avenue was searched.

During the search, according to police, was seized a semi-automatic rifle the JR Carbine and 24 of the cartridge thereto.

As a result, were arrested six people, and they were charged with.

Residents of Toronto 42-year-old Howard Moore, the 41-year-old Maria Moore and 18-year-old Sharjil Khan was accused of illegal possession of firearms, possession of firearms, knowing the responsibility for its illegal possession, and possession of a firearm obtained by crime.

Three more teenagers charged with the same charges.

Investigators are asking anyone with additional information about the case to contact police or anonymously to pass on information to Crime Stoppers.