6 popular claims about digestion: believe it or not?

About all good and bad for digestion there are many myths. Biologist Sarah Baumann commented on six popular claims from this series. Expert opinion what to believe and what — no, portal has published LifeLine.

6 популярных утверждений о пищеварении: верить или нет?

Stress can affect the stomach. According to Baumann, it is, there is a close connection between psyche and “brain stomach”. A typical example of such communication — the nervous diarrhea that occurs in circumstances of psychological stress.

The bowel should be cleaned of toxins. This statement should not believe. The expert explained: the idea that toxins accumulate in the body especially in the intestine, comes from Ayurvedic medicine. Scientific confirmation of this point of view has not.

Antibiotics harm the intestinal flora. It’s true! According to biologist, antibiotics caused by a bacterial infection changes the composition of microbes in the intestinal flora, and his recovery is taking much longer than lasted the reception. However, you should not stop taking the antibiotics too soon or on its own initiative – it increases the risk of development of resistance.

Bananas are good for digestion. In fact, depending on ripeness of bananas can alleviate both diarrhea and constipation: immature green fruit thicken chair, very Mature and ripe give the effect of relief.

After a meal should rest. No, move! About what to do after a meal, there are many claims and contradictory. The biologist says that a short break to rest, and walking can help maintain healthy digestion. In turn of vigorous exercise after eating is contraindicated.

You need to eat more fiber.
Yes, fiber is usually recommended for regular use. But if you have a tendency to digestive issues or is there irritable bowel syndrome, fiber can only do harm.