6 reasons why you sweating profusely in the night

The power of night sweating can vary from perspiration on the skin to wet bedding and clothing. Night sweats, according to experts, often is the alarm that comes from the body: the more intense, the greater the reason to visit it doctor.

6 причин, почему вы можете сильно потеть ночью

“For the healthy person needs restful sleep. If it is broken the night sweating, it can be some surprising reasons that it is better to check with a professional doctor”, — give advice to the experts.

Of course, a night sweat can be objective factors. But if a person sweats a lot at night, and it’s not due to some obvious circumstances like overly heated rooms, must necessarily be alert and be examined.

What are the reasons may lie behind a strong night then?

Hormones are “out of order”. For the processes of thermoregulation in the body is responsible hormones and metabolism: when in these areas there are any violations, production of sweat can change, he can do a lot to stand out in a state of rest or sleep.

Hormonal disorders are most often the result of dysfunction thyroid: when it is excessive activity, as a rule, there is abundant night sweats.

In turn, women have severe night sweats can be a sign of hormonal changes due to a significant decrease in the level of estrogen that happens during menopause, premenopausal (the period preceding menopause), as well as on certain days of the menstrual cycle.

Anxiety disorder. Many people are experiencing problems in the psycho-emotional sphere, hide it from others. But that control negative emotions, fears and feelings are possible only during the day. At night, the body is dominated by your subconscious mind and disturbing emotions can cause a number of symptoms, including night sweats.

Medication. Night sweating is a common side effect of many medications. In particular, trigger heavy sweating at night may the reception of a new human drug that never was accepted, or an incorrect reception means. Antidepressants and drugs aimed at reducing the level of glucose in the blood, can also cause night sweats.

Sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea can also cause night sweats. This violation of a sleeping person for a short time, stops breathing, while in the body may experience a lack of oxygen, therefore the blood increases the level of carbon dioxide. Obstructive sleep apnea is ascertained, if the time is more than ten such interruptions in breathing.

Infection. Night sweating may cause any bacterial or viral infection, such as tuberculosis, brucellosis, tetanus, HIV, or the flu. In this case, sweating is a sign of hard work the body in getting rid of the cell carriers of the disease.

Severe violations. If you suffer from recurring episodes of sweating at night and can’t explain why, you should consult with your doctor to clarify the cause of this phenomenon. In rare cases, severe night sweats can be a sign of severe violations — for example, failure in the metabolism, autoimmune disease, heart disease, mental illness and cancer.