6-th racket of the world called them an idiot for what he specifically posted the phone number of colleagues for congratulations on anniversary

6-ю ракетку мира обозвали идиотом за то, что тот специально выложил в сеть номер телефона коллеги для поздравлений с юбилеем

Unhappy hero of the day

6-I racket of the world, Greek tennis player Stefanos Zizipus decided to congratulate the Australian nick Kirasa happy anniversary – today is the 40th racket was 25 years old.

To your holiday Kirios remembered for a long time, Zizipus on his page on Instagram published a photo where he is in dark glasses holds a cardboard sign on which was written “Call me”.

Of course, many fans of the Greek took advantage of this opportunity. Only tricky Stefanos pointed your phone and Kiros.

Apparently, callers to the Aussie was too much, because he later left a comment: “You’re a complete idiot. Stop calling me!”.