6 things bill gates, Jeff Bezos and other successful people do on weekends

Follow their example to better prepare for the new working week. Benjamin spall, the author of the online edition of My Morning Routine for five years and interviewed about 300 of the richest and successful people in the world to gather information about their habits. He summarized his observations and concluded that the majority held of individuals on the weekend doing the following things. About it writes “Lifehacker”.

6 вещей, которые Билл Гейтс, Джефф Безос и другие успешные люди делают по выходным

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1. Sleep

And your body and your brain will not work properly if you don’t give them the position of rest. As shown by statistics, productive people sleep an average of seven hours and 29 minutes a day. Tim cook, bill gates, Jack Dorsey and Jeff Bezos confirmed that that’s how much time they devote to sleep a night.

Sleep so much, of course, is not always possible. Especially if you have a lot of work and you have to stay up late. So when I notice that lack of sleep time, use the weekend to catch up.

But this does not mean that you can sleep five or four hours on weekdays, and weekend to spend in bed all day. So you imagine only circadian rhythms (internal biological rhythms of the body) shot down.

2. Spend time with loved ones

You feel uncomfortable because you have little time to devote to loved ones? Work Monday to Friday often hinders us to fully enjoy the company of those who are dear. So weekend should be devoted to the family: joint training with wife or camping with the kids to the Park together.

“On weekends we get a babysitter, and my wife and TIFF go to work out along with sports on Saturday morning. Then spend all weekend together: together put children, have dinner together. We try to live a normal life,” — mark Cuban, American entrepreneur and billionaire.

However, if you still have some work on the weekend, try to deal with it Saturday morning. And then thinking about it will not distract you from the family to the end of your holiday.

3. Expect the coming week

Successful people always develop a strategy for the coming week — so they get the benefit in advance and do not spend time on Monday. You can kill half a Sunday to compiling to-do lists or just 10 minutes posadasii in the calendar of upcoming events of the week. The main thing that you were ready and thought about what to do.

“Saturday I take off and go Hiking. And Sunday I have reserved for reflection, feedback, study strategies and preparing for the next week,” Brooke Potter, author of “Be more productive: revealing the secrets of successful people”.

4. Do what they pleased

Planning the working week is, of course, useful, but rest is also necessary. Successful people try to relax and gain strength on Saturday and Sunday to get to work with new forces. Many prefer a leisurely Breakfast and then get on the couch with your favourite book, meditate, or exercise.

On Saturday Richard Branson, for example, is drawn at parties. And on Sundays he is jumping off cliffs, kayaking and boat racing.

And bill gates has a different opinion and believes that weekends should be conducted as possible. He plays bridge — a traditional English tactical card game.

“Playing bridge is a pretty old-fashioned entertainment, but I like it. On weekends I’m watching my daughter riding her horse. It is also old-fashioned, but interesting. And every night I wash my dishes. Other people washing the dishes is annoying, I, however, love this thing” — bill gates, American entrepreneur and public figure, a billionaire.

5. Undertaking household tasks

Housework, as noted by gates, annoying and boring routine. But it is necessary to understand, and part of the weekend is devoted to the purchase of products, washing and planning of household budget.

Most importantly — prioritize the work in the house. Something can be done on weekdays, leaving parts out for 15 minutes before bedtime. And on the weekend take an hour or two to deal with those chores that take the most time and attention. For example, with weekly cleaning. Perform routine tasks, you will be able to breathe freely and relax with a clear conscience.

6. Thinking

For a short time to be alone and reflect is very useful. This helps in achieving the goals. Successful people use the weekend to think about what is important to them, to find solutions to troubling problems and understand how to enhance your skills and increase your productivity.

A study conducted at Harvard demonstrated that students who spent 15 minutes at the end of the day the reflection of the material, show better results compared to those who do not.

Self-reflection in small doses allows you to become happier and more productive. And it’s definitely worth to give it a little time, at least on the weekends. So you can better understand what you already have and where to go.