6 unhealthy habits that are somehow considered to be useful

According to doctors, many in fact harmful habits entrenched in the popular mind as useful. They warn that even in the healthiest of habits are hidden pitfalls.

6 вредных для здоровья привычек, которые почему-то считаются полезными

The use of sunscreen. Cosmetologists and dermatologists do not get tired to repeat that for UV protection it’s important to use the appropriate creams. But the thing what cream to use. In the beginning of the year specialists of the Main sanitary control of food and medicines in the United States conducted an analysis of the composition of sunscreens, and which he showed that only two out of 16 of the main ingredients in them are really safe for humans is zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Two more ingredients (RAVA, and triethanolamine salicylate) was recognized by experts as unsafe, and in respect of 12 other experts were asked to time.

The fasting days. According to experts, to have recourse to fasting days makes sense only poisoning, since in this case the body will quickly flush out the toxins. For healthy people fasting days either useless or harmful. A sharp reduction in calories and the lost of important nutrients can weaken the immune system.

A glass of water before a meal. This simple method is often recommended to protect against overeating and preserve a slim figure before meals should drink a glass of water. But doctors warn that if before a meal drink cold water, it may harm the digestion process, reduce its activity. If you drink before eating, water, only very warm, or drink a Cup of moderately hot tea.

The daily sport. Physical activity is necessary, but even in sports needs to be moderation. Constant loads are harmful to those that literally wear out the body. The human body is designed in such a way that after intensive exercise he needed a period of rest for recovery.

The use of antibacterial gels. Of course, autumn with the deterioration of weather it is better to try to secure a more reliable protection against viruses. But scientists indicate that sterility can adversely affect the health of the immune system thus deprived of the opportunity to deal with a hostile external environment. In addition, the constant use of antibacterial gel age the skin.

Smooth spin. I think that to sit with a perfectly straight back, correct and useful? Wrong. The need to keep the posture in a seated person causes excessive muscle tension of the back and harms the spine. If you have a lot of time sitting, it is better to find an orthopedic chair that will support your back.