61-year-old Sharon stone came out in a leather jumpsuit and heels

Sharon stone the last couple of days at the hearing: the 61-year-old actress received the title of “international icon” from the Spanish Harper’s Bazaar. At the award ceremony she went to a stylish pantsuit that emphasized the still slim body of the famous beauty.

61-летняя Шэрон Стоун вышла в свет в кожаном комбинезоне и на шпильках

Looked like the star of “Basic instinct” is incredibly fresh and witty, and just blasted the network on its successful publication, perhaps wrote all the portals.

Apparently, Sharon intends to continue to prove to everyone that she is gorgeous not only on otfotoshopili the pages of the glossy, but in real life.

New image Sharon was no less hot. She tried on a brown leather jumpsuit with patch pockets on the chest and a belt at the waist, which added bright red pumps heels, large sunglasses and a crossbody bag. In the hands of stone holds a white coat and a water bottle. “Spain, October 2019, Madrid,” wrote Sharon, hinting that the photo was taken recently.

By the way, Sharon loves to tell the secrets of her beauty is a lot of water, proper nutrition and regular grooming. To that she taught after an illness. Recall that in 2001, the year Sharon stone suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. After that, the star took a while to recover, she had to completely rebuild the entire routine. Now a famous actress in order. And his mission in particular sees educating people about proper lifestyle and recovery.