61-year-old Sharon stone posed in a candid images for Allure magazine

61-year-old Hollywood actress Sharon stone became the heroine of the new fashion photo shoot. The Hollywood actress posed in skimpy outfits and revealed the details of his personal life.

61-летняя Шэрон Стоун позировала в откровенных образах для журнала Allure

The star of the movie “Basic instinct” shot for Allure magazine. Sharon tried on a few vivid images. The first picture stone posed in a grey suit with short trousers. Under it she wore black lace lingerie. The artist did a sloppy hairstyle and bright makeup with emphasis on the lips. The blonde refused the jewelry, leaving only one gold ring.

In the following photo of the star posing in a dark blue blazer and black shorts. Completed the image open sandals with high heels. It was shot on the veranda of a hotel room. Stone showed a slim figure with a minimum of clothing.

61-летняя Шэрон Стоун позировала в откровенных образах для журнала Allure

In an interview with the actress admitted that it is very happy with her body. Star remembered that in the beginning of her career, many film industry figures often tried to change her appearance.

“When I was 20 years old, I was subjected to constant bodyshaping. Everyone thought it his duty to come and tell me what’s wrong with my figure. It was a real nightmare. One Director thought I was too skinny, the other swore that somewhere I have recovered. I’m glad that modern Actresses are less faced with such disrespectful attitude. Now they will be able to stand up for themselves, and few dare to criticize your body,” said stone.

On another frame, Sharon starred in the fitted cardigan sand color. The actress chose makeup in nadovich colours. The star admitted that only 40 years, she truly felt happy.

“With the advent of the 40th anniversary, in Hollywood you no longer offer the role. I took this philosophically and tried to spend more time with his three sons. And yet it was a time when I haven’t met and first learned to be without other people there and not to feel lonely. I have gained valuable experience,” said the actress.

recently, Sharon often appear on the covers of glossy magazines. A few days ago, she starred in the original dress, decorated with feathers.

The actress likes to emphasize a slim figure and stylish outfits. In early September, she staged a photoshoot in a blue bikini. The shooting took place in the backyard of his home.

In summer, Sharon recalled a difficult period in her life when she had a stroke. Stone has compared his drama with the story of Princess Diana. According to the actress, women do not forgive weakness and problems on the personal front.