61-year-old Sharon stone racy bared shoulders for the cover of gloss

61-year-old Hollywood actress took part in a racy photo shoot. Sharon stone in a white feathered dress graced the cover of a glossy magazine.

61-летняя Шэрон Стоун пикантно обнажила плечи для обложки глянца

The star of the movie “Basic instinct” was shared with fans a bright frame. Sharon stone posed in an unusual “feathered” fluffy dress with open shoulders and hands.

Blonde styling done with effect of easy negligence and emphasized the natural beauty of the delicate makeup. The make-up artists applied lip artist nudewww lipstick, thus making the image a little cool.

In this unusual way, the star appeared on the cover of Spanish Harper’s Bazaar. Stone noted that in the latest issue of gloss, it will boast its natural beauty.

Fans admired the new image of the beloved actress.

“The perfect face”, “For 27 years you haven’t changed a bit”, “Unearthly beauty. I admire you,” commented cover photo followers in Instagram.