7 everyday items that are cheaper to buy in the pharmacy, not the store

If you have 60 seconds and a smartphone, you can find the best deals in major pharmacy chains such as CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens. Often it will cost you less than buying the same or similar goods in the shops, says MoneyTalksNews.

7 повседневных предметов, которые выгоднее покупать в аптеке, а не в магазине

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You can get cashback using the app Ibotta, which offers refunds for shopping at major pharmacy chains (not just pharmacy). And if you subscribe to loyalty programmes of pharmacies that you visit frequently, you will get more benefits.

The combination of prices, coupons, rewards in stores and the cash back allows Christie Hardcastle — the owner of the pharmacy sites discount Wild For Wags and Wild For CVS not to pay a cent for some purchases in pharmacies.

“I’m going out regularly with things that I am absolutely worthless,” she says.

The pursuit of discounts requires extra time, and you don’t have it? Then focus on the following products that can be beneficial to buy in pharmacies.

1. Cereal and a cooked Breakfast

Hardcastle says that every time you visit the pharmacy, you will probably find there are flakes at good prices. Why? This is a relatively expensive product, so offers at a reduced price to attract people to the store. For more options at the tip of your fingers, you can visit mcdaidpharmacy.ie, where they sell everything – from medicines to beauty products, similar to the ones selling on inkey list.

Do not want to mess with a combination of discounts, coupons and rewards? If you live near a grocery store Aldi, just buy there cereal. This is one of the best hotels with the lowest prices on this product.

2. Shampoo and conditioner

You will always find in pharmacies shampoo and conditioner. This is a still from “stock up and save”.

Combine the price with the coupon bonus offer or discount cash, and you will receive a shampoo and conditioner in the drugstore cheaper than anywhere else.

Thinking about coupons, please note that CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens are among the few retailers that allow you to sum up the coupons. This means that you can use both manufacturer coupon and a store coupon for the same item to increase savings.

3. Dairy products and eggs

Buy milk and eggs at a pharmacy, and you will probably save at least $ 1 on each product, says Hardcastle. Prices vary depending on the region, but you almost always get the best prices on these products than in the store.

4. Cosmetics

In pharmacies there are lots of great cosmetics. Spend a little time on the Internet, and you will also find many best pharmacy offers.

Sites of discounts and promotions for pharmacies, such as projects Hardcastle, and websites discounts a General nature, such as The Krazy Coupon Lady, usually help to makeup for practically nothing. And you can find free manufacturer coupons to buy cosmetics online.

5. Toothbrushes and toothpaste

These products are constantly sold in a pharmacy and will be much cheaper with coupons and suggestions of kesbeke or other rewards. ideni.

“I really can’t remember the last time I paid for toothbrushes, toothpaste or floss,” says Hardcastle.

Stock up on these products when you find them cheap — and the more free.

6. Branded diapers

To find the best price on a product, coupons are not needed. Diapers drugstore brand, as a rule, are much cheaper than the products of popular firms, so just stock up each time you go for any other products. Hardcastle calls it “an amazing bargain”.

7. Sweetener

Another great product that you can buy in the drugstore, at competitive prices, is a sweetener. Great deals can be found on sweeteners and different types of sugar and other non-synthetic sweeteners.

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