7 familiar to Americans things that cause confusion among our

About the American peculiarities of the project “Pochapky” said the blogger minskblog, who was born and raised in Minsk, but a large part of his life on the road: “our life is full of things that we take for granted. Many details surround us from childhood, and we even can’t imagine that the usual things can look very different. When you first get in the US, you start to genuinely wonder many of the details and habits that the locals pay no attention.”

7 привычных для американцев вещей, которые вызывают недоумение у наших

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Here are some familiar things of American life lead to confusion for people from post-Soviet countries. The story of the blogger minskblog — first-person.

Fluoridated water

In the mid-twentieth century, scientists discovered that fluoride prevents tooth decay by reducing leaching of minerals from tooth enamel. Since water in the United States foryouth for the prevention of dental caries in the population. Notice the effect already after a month of use of such water, the teeth become whiter and stronger, this kind of practice is not enough.

Food grinders

In the US annually produces and sells more than 20 million food grinders. The average American can not imagine my life without this device, at the same time, the average citizen of the former Soviet Union know of its existence. The grinder allows you to grind completely all kitchen organic waste and pull them down the drain. The result is no smell from the kitchen bucket in the trash are only the dry inorganic waste.

Ducted air conditioning

Practically every building in the United States are equipped with air conditioning, and it is still under construction. Unlike personal split systems, ducted air conditioning does not cool the stagnant air in the apartment and pick up and simultaneously cool fresh air from outside. The room maintains comfortable temperature and humidity, while the air remains fresh.

Phone numbers with letters

An ingenious invention by American marketers, absolutely unknown to us. Instead of having to remember lots of numbers of dozens of companies, Americans just remember their names, and commercial have 1-800-ABC-DEFG. Instead of letters, you can choose any word — for example a law firm may take the form of 1-800-JUSTICE. In this case a call to a 1-800 number is always free for the caller.

The piece of potato

In the countries of the former USSR, the potato decided to buy bags or buckets at the attendants on the market. With the advent of large ponds have the opportunity to buy washed potatoes in bulk. In the United States for several decades, people buy potatoes by the piece, each potato while wrapped in plastic and marked with bar code.

Buses with tilt

People with disabilities in the United States are considered full members of society, they created all the necessary infrastructure: smooth pavement, low ramps, lowered buttons in elevators and at traffic lights. Public transport it is equipped with air suspension, due to which the bus leans to the level of the sidewalk. As a result, people with disabilities easily goes in without any help.

Lack of road signs with pictures

In the US, virtually no road signs in the usual sense. Almost all the road names are written in letters, so that it is clear to anyone who has mastered the Latin alphabet. No brick, yellow diamonds in the white border or red triangles — all the write words: “yield to pedestrians”, “the speed limit is 50 miles per hour,” “pedestrian crossing” and so on.

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