7 features of the American housing causing surprise to Russian

What the Americans have in the order of things, may seem to Russian savagery. About the difference between the house and habits of the Americans from our own, writes the author of the blog “Cottage Life” on “Yandex.Zen”.

7 особенностей американского жилья, вызывающих удивление у русских

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No toilet brush

The layout of the Sewerage network is very different from ours. Drain the water in the tank is sideways, in the other case, water is fed from the bottom, and the bowl half filled with water. Brush no — due to the strong water pressure of the inner wall of the toilet are cleaned by themselves and do not need additional care. Regular cleaning, of course, has not been canceled.

No floors numbered 13

If you are riding in the Elevator of the American high-rise buildings, you may notice that the button “13” is missing. Why?

Americans are very superstitious, so many homeowners miss the floor with a bad omen, believing that no one will want to buy an apartment on the “bad” floor.

The interior features of the house

In American homes has many rooms, all very spacious and not separated by a door, get a whole home Studio. The door is only in the bedrooms and bathrooms. If we go in, immediately get into the hallway connected to the living room, connected with kitchen area. All connected.

This layout is convenient in one — it expands the space. And uncomfortable in many ways — you will not be able to be alone because you always in sight.

On the ceilings there are very rare chandeliers

Mostly Americans use floor and table lamps, and the ceilings overhead fans for cooling in the heat. Some of them built a small bulb, but lighting a large room for them.

In the US very expensive electricity, so when building a house the builders did not equip ceilings by electric cables — there are chandeliers and lamps will never be. Yes, the lighting is not very bright. But in order to save good.

Built-in top shower

It is unknown why, but in American homes have no shower system with a flexible hose, as is customary in Russia. Showers they are equipped with only shower, so if you need to rinse, but not wash your hair, have to use the plastic cap.

System with hand shower set in hotels, but not in the standard homes of Americans. Bathroom is not equipped with a shower — only faucet to fill the bath.

No duvet covers

Atypical for an American to use the duvet cover, they only have sheets. In some cases, they hid the blankets, and then just wash them more often. Accustomed to them: one bed sheet stretched on a mattress (it is elastic or simply dressed), and the second was placed under a blanket.

The lack of curtains on the Windows

The Windows in the houses of the Americans are very large to provide maximum lighting during the day. But blinds or curtains almost meet — Americans use blinds.

An interesting feature is that many Americans do not halt the window at all. That is, walking down the street, you can see how the table sits a family, or what the neighbor does in this time.

The original column published in the blog “Cottage Life” on “Yandex.Zen”

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