7 habits that lead to weight gain

There are a number of habits that are somehow present in each of our lives and which lead to weight gain. Read more in the material.

7 привычек, которые ведут к набору лишнего веса

Habit No. 1: to overeat during dinner
During the day the food is simply necessary to maintain energy levels. But not always, agree? So we come home and put on my own plate a little more. Okay, if it’s vegetables. But most often after work, people want something high-calorie, and therefore fatter. Because such food gives a long-awaited energy that the body lost during the day.
This approach to nutrition is fraught with weight gain. Therefore it is necessary to evenly distribute the meals, but not overeat at dinner, potatoes with mayonnaise. Dinner should be light, and not one that will load the stomach utterly.

Habit No. 2: do not brush teeth after dinner
It’s hard to imagine the person who immediately after dinner, go brush your teeth. And it’s hard to imagine that it helps to get rid of extra pounds. And in fact, it allows not to overeat after. After all, the taste of mint toothpaste in the mouth often changes the taste of your favorite dishes that will not want to eat after teeth brushed.
Habit No. 3: relax after dinner
After dinner, everyone wants to lie down, to rest. Therefore it is considered completely normal to take a NAP on the couch half an hour in front of the TV. However, it’s not the best habit that leads to weight gain. Ideally, you should go for a walk. 15-20 minutes in the fresh air will help to cheer up and make the body more active to burn calories while relaxing on the sofa will lead to the opposite effect.
Habit # 4: eat dinner in front of the TV
If you have life there is this habit, it should be removed. After all, this approach would lead to weight gain. While eating the brain will be distracted by something else, satiation will come later, respectively, and the excess can be eaten very easily. Numerous studies have proven the harm of eating in front of the TV, a newspaper or a book, so urgently eradicate this problem from your life, then you do not want to fight obesity.
Habit No. 5: little sleep
As you know, sleep allows you to launch an active process of fat burning. Therefore, it is necessary to sleep not less than 7-8 hours a day. The lack of night rest can lead to weight gain.
Habit # 6: to solve problems in the evening
It is difficult to imagine a modern businessman who is strictly after 18:00 does not concern the solution of operational issues. We understand that to rid yourself of this habit is not easy, since all work different. Labor unrest can cause stress and to cause a desire to eat nerves with something tasty. As a result, extra calories, extra pounds.
Habit No. 7: a phone or computer before bed
This habit is directly related to the previous one. But it is absolutely not useful for the figure. The radiation of the blue range emitted from gadgets suppresses the production of the hormone melatonin, responsible for sleep. Hence problems with sleep, bags under the eyes, excess weight, as night – the optimal time of day when most actively promoted fat loss.