7 mistakes made when measuring blood pressure

Many people commit wrong actions when measuring blood pressure. Experts mentioned 7 errors in most cases.

7 ошибок, допускаемых при измерении артериального давления

First and foremost, a person must decide in which hand he had the right indicators. Should be for some time to check blood pressure readings on both limbs, figuring out where the figure is higher. When it becomes clear you need to focus on this value. Often the numbers do not correspond to the reality of a weakened cuff. If not its not tighten to the required condition, the device will show the increased data. In the case when it is tightened, not hard enough, the reverse effect. It is necessary to follow clothes. Batten down the sleeve can pinch the artery, disrupting the blood flow. It is better to remove outer clothing at all, but a light blouse and shirt will not affect the results. In addition, you need to properly hold the hand so the cuff was on the same level with the heart. Only in this case the instrument will show the correct value.

Another mistake is measuring blood pressure after eating. Food starts the digestion process, during which a large amount of blood comes to the stomach, but because there is a decrease in performance. You need to take that into account and do not use the tonometer within the hour. Bad habits also lead to incorrect data. Having used alcohol, smoked a cigarette and drinking a Cup of coffee, you need to refrain from the pressure measurement, because the numbers will not be correct.