7 must-visit places White nights in Toronto (PHOTOS)

7 обязательных к посещению мест Белой ночи в Торонто (ФОТО)

5 October White night in Toronto will overtake all the streets in the next consecutive year, presenting the best and most unique exhibitions and other art elements in a variety of forms throughout the night. To choose where to go in the first place, is incredibly difficult, so sometimes it’s easier to think through everything in advance. So much to watch that night, and almost impossible to do it all in such a short period of time. So here are 7 of the best ideas for this weekend:

Sound of Toronto
Address: 130 Queens Quay E., Sugar Hall A, 4th floor
Why you should go: sound designers Mønochef, Ilze Briede (Kavi), and Liz Lisa will immerse you in this 360-degree interactive story that combines the sounds and images of Toronto. You will be able to experience what he never could have even expected.

Chasing Red
Address: 15 Queen St. W. – Eaton Centre Bridge
Why you should go: this is a dynamic light installation that depicts the Northern lights. The artist Beck Brou, one of Anishinabe, grew up on the lands of the Indians of the Den, so she made this beautiful presentation, which will be standing outside of the tunnel.

Lunar Garden
Address: Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen St. W.
Why go: visit the largest inspired by the Japanese garden artist Daniel Arsham that ever was created. This installation, in fact, you can see the whole of the next week, until Saturday October 12, from 10 am to 10 PM.

Peace to the Past, Reach for the Future
Address: Queen Street West & Bay Street
Why you should go: there will be a sculpture of the basketball team Toronto Raptors in honor of the winners of the NBA championship. Two artists from Toronto have created an 18-foot sculpture, which celebrates the past of the team, and represents its future and emphasizes the support received from a community.

Life of the Earth
Address: 770 Don Mills Road (special entrance at the time of an event Gateway Boulevard)
Why you should go: This installation will show how the Earth has changed over 100,000 years, not taking into account human intervention. This exhibition will also show the changes that happened to the planet due to humanity, including climate.

Scarborough Royalty
Address: Amphitheatre Stage at Albert Campbell Square – 150 Borough Dr.
Why you should go: the artist nicknamed Durothethird has dedicated his rather vivid exhibition of their hometown. The installation will showcase a mix of graffiti with a sculpture. Believe me, you’ll regret if you miss.

Address: 38 Dan Leckie (under the Gardiner Expressway at Dan Leckie Way and Housey Street)
Why you should go: this exhibit is a glowing sphere that responds to the energy and presence of passers-by. Accordingly, the more people, the brighter it will Shine.