7 prohibitions for people with high blood pressure

If the pressure is periodically increased, you need to remember few prohibitions on Smoking, alcohol and salt, excessive excitement, weight lifting, too much fatty foods.

7 запретов для людей с повышенным давлением

So, one of the prohibitions that must be observed to people with high blood pressure, — Smoking. The hit of nicotine in the body causes tachycardia and rise in blood pressure is a typical reaction of the vascular system.

Another important prohibition for hypertensive patients to increase weight. No wonder obesity is called a typical cause of high blood pressure: his numbers start to grow even with a relatively small increase in body mass index (>27 kg/m2).

Also, doctors recommend that people with high blood pressure to comply with the ban on excess salt consumption should be limited to 5 grams per day is one teaspoon without top. The neglect of this rule inevitably leads to an increase in blood pressure, experts state.

Even at elevated pressure the ban on alcohol abuse, and diagnosed with arterial hypertension — the complete exclusion of alcoholic beverages. How dangerous doctors estimate the daily alcohol consumption of more than 20-30 grams of ethanol for men and 10-20 grams for women.

In addition, people with high blood pressure it is recommended to introduce a ban on products high in fat – especially saturated and heavy. The diet should be less fatty meat and smoked sausages, it is better not to drink at all.

Finally, under the ban if the existing problem with periodic pressure increase lifting weights and stress. Gravity can sometimes provoke a very significant pressure rise, and strong negative emotions can drive a person to a hypertensive crisis or heart attack.