7 reasons to include buckwheat in your diet this fall

In the season of autumn exacerbation of infections is useful is buckwheat. Her presence in the diet provides essential micronutrients, and due to the high levels of tryptophan, buckwheat and even elevates mood, improves sleep.

7 причин включить гречку в свой рацион этой осенью

The champion of antioxidants. The amount of antioxidants buckwheat is the leader among grain crops. In it, in particular, the presence of phenolic compounds quercetin and rutin. These substances are neutralized in the tissues of the human body free radicals that can lead to the formation of cancer cells. In turn, rutin (vitamin P) improves blood circulation, helps to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Helps with varicose veins. As a rich source of rutin buckwheat is very effective in strengthening the veins and small vessels, is a good helper in the treatment of varicose veins and is also recommended as a means of prevention of atherosclerosis.

Useful in diabetes. The use of buckwheat protects against sharp increases in blood sugar levels, it happens due to its slower absorption because of the large number of amino acids and plant fibers. There is evidence that regular consumption of buckwheat helps to improve vision in diabetic patients.

Does not contain gluten. Buckwheat does not apply to cereal crops and does not contain gluten them, which actually is the gluten. Today the intolerance of this substance has become increasingly common, but the buckwheat fits perfectly into a gluten-free diet – it is proven that its consumption does not lead to an exacerbation of celiac disease, an autoimmune disease associated with disruption of the intestine and the development of gluten intolerance.

Suitable for Allergy sufferers. Buckwheat is a hypoallergenic product, it is well suited for people who suffer from allergies to dirt, pollen and other such components.

Protects against pneumonia. Buckwheat is an excellent source of zinc which helps the immune system to better cope with Streptococcus pneumoniae, the main pathogen threat lung disease. Under its action the immune cells actively destroy pathogens of pneumonia.

Does not contribute to weight gain. Buckwheat is a dietary cereals: boiled it is low in calories. Buckwheat is a list of those carbohydrate foods that are recommended spodziewane harmony: it contains a lot of soluble fiber, due to which slows down digestion and long lasting feeling of satiety.