7 secret sections of the Amazon, about which you should know if you want to save

On Amazon there are little-known sections that are hidden gems for seekers of lucrative deals and other buyers. This writes the Money Talks News.

7 секретных разделов Amazon, о которых стоит знать, если хотите сэкономить

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Most likely, you have heard of the topic “Today’s deals” on Amazon, you may also have heard about the topic “Warehouse deals”, where Amazon offers great discounts on used goods.

But chances are, you’ve never heard of some or perhaps each of the following sections Amazon.

1. Cheap books (Reads Cheap)

If you have ever read e-books on any device, you need to see “Cheap books for your Kindle” in Amazon.

There you will find free ebooks for Kindle. But you don’t necessarily need a Kindle e-reader to read free books, files will open on other devices.

Amazon says free books sometimes vary in quality or do not support all the features of the reading. The seller recommends that you first check reviews and ratings free books that you plan to upload.

2. Coupons (Coupons)

You may have seen coupons on some individual products on Amazon. But the retailer also has a whole section of coupons.

It contains all the coupons that Amazon currently offers for any product. So it makes sense to check before buying anything on Amazon.

3. The most desirable (Most Wished For)

Of course, you have heard of the Amazon bestseller, even if you’ve never been in the category of “best sellers” where you will find a list the most popular products on Amazon, based on the number of sales. But did you know that Amazon also has a section “Most desired”?

There you will find a list of products that users of Amazon often add to their wish lists or gift registries. This list is updated daily.

4. Gift ideas (Gift Ideas)

Still confused about what to give someone? Read the section “gift Ideas”. Here you will find a list of products, which are often bought as gifts. These lists are updated daily.

5. Shopping finds (Bargain Finds)

In this section you Amazon many, if not most items are $10 or less, some only $2 or $3.

Photo, price, and rating is the only information you will see on the subject until you click on it. This allows you to quickly browse a lot of goods.

6. Outlet (Outlet)

As you can guess by the title, this section Amazon represents something like outlet store, or rather a shopping Mall. Here you will find “thousands of items”.

Outlet section is clearly divided into departments, so you can easily get straight to your goods.

7. Refurbished goods (Amazon Renewed)

In the Amazon Renewed sold by refurbished goods, such as smartphones, computers, and household appliances. Of course, the fact of repair leads to lower prices.

“Products on Amazon Renewed has been checked and tested by qualified suppliers, they work and look like new, and come with a warranty Amazon Renewed,” said the company.