7 sources of infection in the house that we do not notice

Your family is often sick? Look around if everything is safe at your house? Probable sources of infection.

7 источников заразы в доме, которые мы не замечаем

  • Shoes

A short walk down the street, and you are upgrading your home the population of microbes in fresh specimens. Safety – take your shoes off outside the apartment and wash the shoes after a walk hot water with detergent.

  • Sex in the toilet

The floor contains more harmful bacteria than the toilet. Tiny drops of water with the recent contents of our intestines spread during flushing and settle on the floor. It is an excellent nutritional medium for bacterial growth. Keep the floor and close the toilet lid when flushing.

  • Shower

This is not only a source of purity, but also the provider of staphylococci. From here it spreads rapidly over the surfaces of the shells, the walls of the bathroom and objects in the bathroom. Regularly disinfect and ventilate the room to reduce humidity.

  • Toothbrush

The subject of hygiene collects all these millions of species of bacteria that reside in your mouth while brushing your teeth. Added to this are carefully collected from the same leftover food, then moistened and sent to warm up to the following procedures. Excellent farm for growing bacteria. Rinse the brush with hot water and let it dry after each use.

  • Kitchen

This room is rich in the two hotbeds of bacteria – sink and cutting Board. Excess moisture and residues of food is a great food supply for the legions of microbes. What to do? Wash with boiling water and disinfectant after each use, often to change sponge for washing dishes and change the wooden cutting Board in plastic, glass or ceramic.

  • Bed

If you give the sheet, the blanket and the pillow a good airing before refuelling, regularly change bed sheets and carry out the cleaning of mattresses and pillows, the bed will be safe. But if it is wet and dirty, unable to wait for any infection. This also applies to soft toys, and other items of furniture. Warning the wash. Delicate wash is not the best way to deal with bed microbes. Rather the opposite. It is desirable that the water temperature reached 65 degrees. The cooler does not destroy the microbes and give them favorable conditions for growth and reproduction.

  • Computer keyboard

If you’re not snacking, sitting at the computer, drinking tea or something else, if you wash your hands before work and the screen, keyboard and mouse regularly cleaned with special wipes, it is likely that this position will give the championship a cutting Board and the floor in the bathroom.