7 supposedly healthy products

There are products that are stated as useful and tasty. But not all of them correspond to this status. More details in the material.

7 якобы полезных продуктов


Energy bars

Useful bars are often sold under the auspices of the health and beauty. But not all of them is as useful as talking about it marketers manufacturers. Should carefully read the product composition, which should be no “eshek” and other harmful additives.

Fruit juices

Now on the shelves you can often find juices with the prefix “Fitness”. But this is not true. The composition is usually a sugar, salt. Yes, in such quantities that the comparable almost with bun. Well, what’s the use?

Ready flakes

Stores are swarming with these products — corn flakes, muesli, with additives and without. However, not all of them are as useful as shouting slogans about it. Most of these products also contain sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.

Low fat yoghurt

It is believed that to eat and drink foods low in fat, very useful. However, the researchers found that similar products, to which can be attributed to the yoghurt does not affect the decrease in the percentage of fat mass in the body. Moreover, among those who ate such foods, obesity has been observed not less frequently than those who ate normal.

Wheat bread from wheat flour with bran

Oh, how many are there words that give pleasure losing weight. But the producers often go to the trick. They put in plain flour bit of flour, thus saving. The difference, the consumer does not feel.

Vegetable oil

Some types of such products can be very useful. For example, in soybean, sunflower and cotton contains a lot of omega-6 fatty acids. With a large consumption there is an imbalance of omega-3 and omega-6, which ultimately can cause inflammation.

Environmentally friendly products

These products are made from environmentally friendly raw materials, that’s great. But they often contain a variety of components, including not very useful. For example, sugar. Therefore, you should always read the label before buying the product.