7 things that men do only for love. If doing number 4 — get married!

7 вещей, которые мужчины делают только по любви. Если делает №4 — выходите замуж!

Relationships can be confusing. In a moment it seems that the guy is crazy about you, and the next day he disappears.

That’s a sure sign that the man wants to stay in your life for a long time:

1.It communicates with your relatives.

Visiting with family is what most of us are afraid. You never know what awkward disputes can flare up between relatives, and escape is impossible until partner.

If your man willingly goes with you to visit your relatives, he was going to stay with you. He wants to meet and make friends with people who may someday become his relatives.

2. He consults with you about clothes.

It is possible that he just considers you a fashion guru. But most likely, he wants to impress you by dressing the way you like it.

3. He wants to walk with you on business.

Let’s be honest: even the most interesting man in the world, there are boring things. If a man is ready to go with you to the Bank or shopping, it is not because it is very interesting. He just wants to give you as much time as possible.

4. He fixes stuff in your home.

Another way for men to show the woman his usefulness to act as a master. He can spot your home in a light bulb or twisted the tap and to offer help.

Even if an elementary task, men like to solve problems. Why? To show which of them will make a good husband.

5. He is preparing for you.

Even though it was not a distinguished cook, but if he carefully follows the recipe to pamper you, it is definitely love. Guys coming out of the comfort zone to please you, usually trying to show that you’ll be happy with them.

6. He plans a special date or trip.

Most men prefer to act on a whim. But their partners often hope for more. Lovers men know this and plan for special events that will make you happy.

7. He listens and remembers your stories.

We all sometimes tell boring stories and share minor details. Polite people always try to listen and nod, but don’t pay too much attention.

If your man remembers details about your friends and relatives of your stories, so it really matters what you say. He tries to learn more about you, to get closer. And in today’s fast paced world is a rarity!