7 tips to help constipation

In case of constipation in the first place, the doctors advise to increase physical activity, drink plenty of fluids, and also correct diet.

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Correctly lunch. After waking up on an empty stomach should drink a glass of water, and in 40 minutes to have Breakfast. It should be dense, contain saturated fat products – butter, cheese. Also shows coffee, drinking it in the morning hours may produce a laxative effect. During the day it is important to drink enough fluid — about snacks dry forget.

To refuse to eat with a bonding effect. People who are prone to constipation, it is recommended to abandon the rich broth, white bread and pastries, strong coffee and tea, chocolate, quince, dogwood, pear, pomegranate, chokeberry and blueberry.

To use healthy products. According to doctors, if you have problems with constipation need to consume vegetables and fruits rich in pectin and fiber, to include in the diet of marine cabbage, consume dairy products, whole grains. At night it is advisable to drink a glass of buttermilk, adding in tablespoons of vegetable oil.

To sit correctly on the toilet. You need to slightly lean forward, and put under the legs of the low bench. In General, for the establishment of a chair’s useful to go to the toilet at the same time, ideally in the morning.

Massage and exercise. In the absence of contraindications, you can perform abdominal massage – for this you need to do it stroking clockwise. Of the exercises useful “bike” (rotational motion raised legs in the air), climbing stairs and Hiking, yoga, dancing.

To take laxatives. As an aid, they will fit, but laxatives should not be carried out on a regular basis. These drugs not only are addictive but also can cause inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, the consequences of which can be unpredictable.

Examined. If the phenomenon of constipation for a person becomes increasingly frequent, it is not necessary to restrict the means of self – help in such circumstances need to be examined. Have constipation can have many causes, from ad hoc to very dangerous, such as cancer. It is important to ensure that constipation is not associated with life-threatening emergencies.