7 unusual symptoms, which can speak about a brain tumor

The appearance of the tumor in the brain is not accompanied by noticeable symptoms, and often masquerades as a normal exhaustion. Time to recognize a brain tumor a few unusual phenomena in the body.

7 необычных симптомов, которые могут говорить об опухоли в мозге

To detect such changes is possible only if you are attentive to their health, experts warn.

Impaired peripheral vision. This symptom is often noticed by the motorists. The man narrowed field of vision, there are “blind spots”. Such a violation may indicate a tumor in the pituitary gland.

The lack of pain response in the extremities. In the formation of tumor in the motor cortex of the brain responsible for the muscles, signals from the brain to the muscles begin to deal with difficulties. As a result, the limb may feel weak or they become less sensitive to painful stimuli.

Negative emotions. A brain tumor often makes adjustments to the behavior and character of the people – can increase qualities such as anger, anxiety, melancholy, sentimentality, tearfulness. In the case of tumor in the frontal lobe of the brain can even cause personality changes, such as those that occur in dementia or schizophrenia.

Difficulties with speech. For example, there are episodes when it becomes difficult to find the words. Or suddenly appears stuttering.

Change of gait. People can “fall” to the side while walking and not notice it. Such a symptom is a signal of a loss of balance that often occurs in cases of brain tumors.

The sudden loss of a sense of orientation. If in your own apartment in the dark people can not figure out which way to go and these episodes are becoming more frequent – it is an alarming sign.

Hearing problems. Symptom of a brain tumor may be difficulties in speech recognition and sounds, as well as ringing or tinnitus.